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Liquid Ritual x Wave Global Presents: vowl. & Friends

Liquid Ritual is at it again with their incredible shows: in less than three weeks, they’re bringing vowl., enjoii, and others to London, and you do not want to miss out. In 2022, Liquid Ritual brought wave music to fans all over the globe, and it seems they’re determined to start 2023 off with more of the same… thank God.

Read on to find out all the details about this March 17th show; you will also find some thoughts from the headliner, vowl., as well as from Liquid Ritual co-founder, Kareful.

Additionally, we have some info about all the artists featured on the line-up for you to enjoy in anticipation of the event. What are you waiting for?

Check out the flyer for Liquid Ritual Presents: vowl & friends–

This show is happening less than three weeks from today–on Friday, March 17th.

The show is at Basing House in London. Doors are at 10PM.

The line-up: Open Ocean, Klasey Jones, Aestral, Kareful, enjoii, with vowl. headlining.

Get ready for a long night– if you attend this event, you’ll be blessed with 6 hours of wave music.

Get your tickets here.

Sharing his thoughts on the Liquid Ritual show with us, headliner vowl. had this to say:

“I’m just really excited to playing my music out for the first time and connect with people who support the project!

I’m from Australia, and I’ve only played one show before. so I’m really grateful for the opportunity.”

A UK debut? This show is certainly not one to miss.

Meet Liquid Ritual:

“Since launching in 2017, Liquid Ritual has been at the forefront of the wave movement, acting as a dedicated platform to bring you the best the scene has to offer. From operating a radio show to releasing as a label, Liquid Ritual has and continues to be the face for wave. From day one, we’ve been behind the ground roots, as well as bolstering the tastemakers in the scene. Liquid Ritual is devoted to the wave scene and promotes all facets of it, from classic, lounge to hard, we’re there, and endeavour to remain a fundamental figure. We venture to provide resources and endorse the best of what the scene has to offer.”

-Liquid Ritual’s website

Saying that Liquid Ritual has been “at the forefront of the wave movement” almost feels like an understatement.

They’re everywhere– whether it’s promoting artists and providing a home for their music, or curating historic events, like their “Wave Conference” at Bar a Bar in London last April, or their wave music showcase at the Amsterdam Dance Event, Liquid Ritual does it all. I’m honestly still processing both of these…. and we’re two full months into 2023.

Speaking on this upcoming experience, Liquid Ritual co-founder, Kareful, shared his thoughts with us:

“The wave scene grew a lot during the pandemic–most notably the hardwave style–which wasn’t a thing when we used to put on events back in the day. So, when we got the chance, we wanted to explore that sound at our events–with a lot of success!

Although, my heart will always be with the darker, more emotional variant of wave… So, I’m especially excited for March 17th, as I’ll get a chance to play out all the classics from the early days!”

While Wave Global is a bit of a mystery, for now, I have full faith that Liquid Ritual will bring you a night you won’t soon forget.

Meet the artists featured at this Liquid Ritual x Wave Global showcase:

Open Ocean:

Open Ocean has been producing since 2016. Cited as having “one of the best discographies in existence” by fellow wave heavy-hitter barnacle boi, he is certainly an artist to know. You may already be familiar with him either through his appearance at Forever Oceans 001, or at his live debut in London last November, alongside Plastician and Juche at a past Liquid Ritual event. Check out his personally-curated Spotify playlist here.

Klasey Jones:

“A producer, DJ, sound designer & writer based in Essex, Jones has always been inspired by his love of video game and film soundtracks. Meticulous in learning the ropes of sound design, developing a rich, deeply idiosyncratic sound palette all of his own in the process, his hours behind the boards have – up to this point – often done much of his talking for him. […]

Now prepped to release new music as part of a multi-faceted, multi-media EP project, he feels ready to build out his world in both URL and IRL spaces. Teased with the release of ‘Hands Of Time’ – the first single in a crucial new chapter in his career – the project marks the first step in the evolution of Klasey Jones.”

-from the artist’s Spotify


Aestral is a music producer and graphic designer based in Berlin.

Alessio Anesi of FUXWITHIT introduces him as such: “Within the fast-moving wave scene, ÆSTRAL has always been one of my cornerstones. His style, his touch, his approach to the creation of “pure wave symphonies” has always been extremely consistent ever since I discovered him on SoundCloud. Listening to his music has always seemed to me like listening to a single, long tale, which in my case started with ‘ocean‘ four years ago.” (2022)


“Kareful, hailing from East London’s Romford, has been at the forefront of Wave for over five years, having headlined shows all around the world and gaining support from some of electronica’s biggest names. He has been instrumental in pioneering the electronic music genre of Wave since 2014, blending together UK Bass, Witch House and Trap to create his unique sound. His debut album ‘Deluge’, released on renowned UK label Trapdoor, cemented Kareful as one of the most important figures in this movement and gained him international recognition. In 2017 he co-founded Liquid Ritual which continues to expand upon Wave by releasing harder sounds for festival and nightclub settings. With an impressive resume behind him and ever evolving vision at hand, Kareful’s live show promises to be something truly spectacular.”

– artist’s Spotify


“Hailing from the freezing end of eastern Poland, enjoii crafts music dominated by dark deep bass interspersed with emotional melodies. enjoii is known from fast-growing wave scene to which he brought his characteristic sound, but is also strongly connected with polish witchhouse scene. In 2018, enjoii released his debut EP ‘life alone’ in London based label Liquid Ritual, which earned him more recognition in electronic music community.”

– artist’s Spotify


“Nicholas Barron (aka vowl.) is an Inverloch, Australia-based producer. He made his start in music producing ambient trap and lo-fi beats on Soundcloud before finding the recognizable ‘wave’ sound we hear in his music today. Authenticity is of paramount importance to vowl.’s musical approach. To this day he continues his work from his secluded location in rural Australia, for the love of music.”

– artist’s Spotify

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