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Breaking Waves: Five Suns Drops New Skyward EP

Last week, Five Suns hit us with a new, out-of-this-world EP, Skyward. This project was released via The Wave Stage on January 27th and contains a collaboration with ITSHE.

The whole thing clocks in under fifteen minutes, so you have no excuses. Go listen.

Find Skyward on Spotify, below.

Stream Skyward by Five Suns now:

Five Suns takes listeners on a mission through the upper atmosphere through his new EP, Skyward. We’re talking about exploring the part of the sky where there’s no air, but it’s almost as if you could reach out, and the stars would be in your hands.

With this EP, Five Suns provides the perfect score for a transformative sci-fi adventure story.

The first track, “Skyward”, gives listeners a sense of flying–of free-falling–of floating–of yearning to “come skyward”.

Transitioning into the next track, the collaboration with ITSHE, “Zero-G”, the atmosphere turns precarious; a sense of urgency that’s in the forefront of the track will literally get your heart racing.

While the next song, “Falling”, starts off soft and gentle, it doesn’t provide much comfort. The music inspires a similar holding-your-breath, heart-in-your-throat phenomenon as the moments right before a great fall do–will or won’t your feet betray you at the end?

The EP wraps up beautifully with “Ultraviolet”, which is both rich with emotion but provides a strong foundation and conclusion to the piece. In those last few notes, you can rest easy; you are reassured that your mission is complete.

This whole EP is a gorgeous piece to sit down and listen to.

Five Suns is one of those wave artists who simply never miss. He provides a solid example of the ethos of the wave movement as well– something emotional, melodic, and perhaps not exactly aiming to be “club ready”–

Although, let’s be real: folks could absolutely get down to pretty much anything on this EP, even if we’re crying while we do it.

Meet Five Suns:

“Five Suns is a producer coming out of the far reaches of Venus creating music simply from a different dimension. His melodic and spacious yet electronic take on the ‘wave’ sound pioneered by artists like Klimeks and Kareful makes him one to watch in the future and beyond. His debut EP ‘Crystalline’ on wavemob was celebrated throughout the wave scene. With his sophomore EP ‘Helios’, Five Suns cemented his position as a true veteran of the genre.”

-Artist’s Spotify bio

Welcome to the universe, as curated by Five Suns

Drenched in a rich sense of “world of story”, so to speak, this four-track EP was promoted in a peculiar, yet creative way.

A few weeks ago, Five Suns dropped some cryptic poetry on social media when he announced the first single of the EP, “Skyward”. The words get under readers’ skin the same way the music infiltrates the mind, lingering there.

Following the poem comes an eerie post announcing that “we’ve intercepted ethereal frequencies emitted from the anomalous astral mechanism known as ‘The Crystal Eye’.” and a link to a companion playlist on Spotify. The playlist contains a variety of music, including many tracks from Five Suns’ peers from the wave scene, that promises to stream “ethereal frequencies directly into your consciousness”.

Check out those delicious bits of worldbuilding via Instagram posts, below. The gorgeous artwork you see was created in collaboration with Peter Erinkveld.

Find a link to the companion playlist, “The Crystal Eye”, here.

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