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Electric Realms is Bringing Wave to Dallas this February

Electric Realms announced their first show of 2023; turns out, you’re going to want to head to Dallas this February if you want to catch the next great wave show… now featuring an insane B2B set that you won’t want to miss.

We caught up with Mercy, one of the co-owners of Electric Realms, and have all the details. If you want to get to know Electric Realms, or get the 411 on this Dallas show…

Read on!

Electric Realms Presents…

As an organization, Electric Realms is “a multitude of things: a collective, label, artists agency, a platform for artists to showcase their talent and have a place to house their artwork,” according to Mercy. She continued on to explain, “But overall, [Electric Realms] is a safe haven and community for music lovers [and artists] alike.”

As far as the show goes, it is going to take place in Dallas, TX on February 18th, 2023. It is taking place at RBC Dallas. Doors are at 9PM.

KAVERN is headlining, with M!NGO B2B BACKWHEN, Krull, and AWVRE on support. Flyer art is by Asiel.

Tickets can be found here.

Presenting… Electric Realms!

While their first show of 2023 is in Dallas, TX, Electric Realms is actually based in Austin.

Mercy explains,

“{We] have recently been testing out the waters in Dallas in hopes of inspiring other promoters to start booking similar talent on their lineups and encourage them to realize that there is a community of people that are very passionate about wave, witch wave, neo, phonk, [and related genres]. We hope to venture into other parts of the state–and even around the country!–in the future.”

One of their past events include this 11/11/22 show, which was a collaboration between Electric Realms, Purple Posse, and The lineup involved huge names like Soudiere, BACKWHEN, enjoii, and M!NGO. Earlier in 2022, Electric Realms hosted Eastghost, WRCKTNGL, and others, at a show in Austin.

Before that, they collaborated with to bring Noah B, barnacle boi, and Murkish, to Austin as well. According to Beryl Kessio, co-founder of Harmony Haven and proud Electric Realms fan, this show also served as a birthday party for a few of the artists present. Isn’t that simply delightful?

Other examples of Electric Realms’ incredible work include their Cyber Signals series, and their philanthropic efforts, like their contributions to Noise for Toys last year.

Point is–

Electric Realms is seriously doing the work to breathe life into the wave scene in a huge way, and I cannot wait to see them bring wave music back to New York some day.

If anyone can, I believe it’s Electric Realms.

Presenting… The Dallas Lineup.

Let’s take some time to get to know each of the artists featured at Electric Realms’ February event.

We were able to ask Mercy about what makes this show and line-up special; find those quotes below. While you read, listen to some of their recent tunes on SoundCloud:

Of the artists on the line-up, only one is on the Electric Realms roster.

Introducing him, Mercy said,

“Currently, Krull will be playing the Dallas show and is represented by us. He actively plays a huge role in Electric Realms aside from his artist project.”

Krull, AKA Gabe, is the other co-owner of Electric Realms. He released his first song as Krull via Harmony Haven this year as part of their “Friday the 13th” challenge last month.

We’re excited to see what comes next from him!

Connect with Krull:

Pushing boundaries in Dallas:

Mercy continues on to say,

“I think something special about this next show is the fact that it is more-so focused on showcasing the up-and-comers in our scene–the artists that we feel are completely overlooked, like KAVERN and M!NGO. We full heartedly believe they should be at the top with the others. Both have an immaculate ear for what’s next and consistently push the boundaries of their sound and aren’t afraid to experiment outside of their comfort zone.”

Connect with KAVERN:

Connect with M!NGO:

Mercy finished by saying,

“I can’t fail to mention AWVRE, whom is based out of Dallas and also deserves recognition for his creative witchy-wave sounds.”

Connect with AWVRE:

Now featuring a special B2B set…

Today, it was announced on social media that’s BACKWHEN will be joining the line-up as part of a special B2B set with M!NGO.

If you can’t wait for the Electric Realms show in Dallas, the artist will be playing a show in Denver tomorrow, February 3rd, with WRCKTNGL and LunarMxntra on support.

Connect with BACKWHEN:

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