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Mark Your Calendars:’s 100th Episode is Here.

Clear your schedule, because we have plans this weekend. We finally know who is going to be playing for us live on Twitch this Sunday, September 12th, for’s 100th Episode: Into The Vibe.

Fans of wave music have been waiting for weeks, speculating. themselves kept the hype going from day one.

But now we know.

While I was personally a little bummed to find out that Just Connor was not part of the lineup for the 100th episode, I don’t think I have been this excited for a line-up since Van’s Warped Tour was a thing. The guys at seriously have outdone themselves; I couldn’t imagine a better group of artists to celebrate the milestone with.

Just Connor‘s absence notwithstanding.

Drum roll please…

This weekend, presents: Into The Vibe, featuring REMNANT.exe, Juche, Sorsari, Noah B., Deadcrow, Skeler, Plastician, and CloZee.

Pinch me, I may be dreaming.

So What’s A ‘Digital Vibe’ Anyway?

According to Recordings’ about page, “ is a label, radio show, and artist agency based in the Midwest, USA. It came to life as a nesting ground for innovation in electronic music; the artistic, synergistic sounds of the underground, and focusing specifically on the Wave scene”

Next, they define wave:  “a new subgenre of electronic music, which stands at the junction of trap, future bass, witch house, and dubstep. It has steadily spread from an experimental sound on Soundcloud to an established genre on the floors of famed electronic clubs across the world.”

I had to know the story behind all that and I was lucky enough to chat with Donald Fyoomz Revolinski, one of the founders of, about it.

The short version? was founded in stages. Recordings & Agency

In the autumn of 2017, the stars aligned at a show in Oakland.

I can say that in good faith because that is when the three founders of, Fyoomz, DJedi (Brett) and M!NGO, were all brought together for the first time.

“I was scheduled to go to Los Angeles for a work event,” Fyoomz explained to me. “And I see that this random dude who keeps hitting me up for music is throwing a club night in Oakland two days after my work event is over. His lineup is Kareful, Brothel, Shanti, and himself somehow, B2B another music friend of mine, M!NGO. I immediately knew this was an event I had to attend, no question. I got myself got a janky Amtrak ticket up to Oakland after my work event was over and organized to crash on a friend’s couch […] This random guy was Brett and this was where I first met him.”

The show had some complications, but it was nothing short of magic.

“At the end, one thing was obvious: there were incredible synergies with almost everyone there.”

After the show, everyone stayed in touch and eventually noticed a sort of void in the wave scene that needed to be filled. The solution? Recordings & Agency, of course.  

“It happened organically,” Fyoomz said. “We didn’t set out to start either, but [we] saw a void and sort of got sucked in [and] filled it. ‘’ started as a radio show and now is also a podcast, label, and agency.”

The Podcast Celebrates its 100th Episode’s podcast also got its start in 2017, but in Iowa City, before the fated show in Oakland.

“After my mother died in 2017, I threw myself into music,” Fyoomz explained. “I had been doing a mix series through my artist account, but wanted to start a proper radio show venture. I got on the phone with M!NGO, and we discussed possible names. Literally the first thing he says in this brainstorm session was, ‘Digital vibe… vibe digital. Vibe Digital???’ I laughed for a while. When I calmed down, I said, ‘Yeah, that’s it.'”

When asked about reaching this milestone, Fyoomz said, “The fact that we’re still here 100 episodes later is just incredible. I had no idea we’d be here when this got started. That there would be so many lifelong friends on board for the ride, contributing to it themselves. It’s really something, and if nothing else, it’s a bunch of mixes that I like to listen to.”

While the podcast got its start on SoundCloud, and “will always be there as long as SoundCloud is a thing”, you can also find it on Twitch, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Amazon Podcasts.

Sunday’s Line-Up

When asked to speak on the incredible line-up gathered for this milestone episode, Fyooms said, “We’ve been talking about the lineup for this episode for over a year. We did our best to make it special, and honestly, some of the artists who we wanted to play are even bigger now than we imagined they would be back then.”

The artists’ sets combined will apparently surpass four hours.

It’s going to be insane.

Meet The Artists

Keep reading if you’d like an introduction to each artist before the show.

Before you do, be sure to bookmark’s Twitch page so you’re set for Sunday.

You don’t want to miss a second of this. Presents: REMNANT.Exe

The first artist announced for the stream was REMNANT.exe, who recently released an EP, PSYCHOKINESIS, through To commemorate the event, he hosted episode 093 of the podcast. On September 6th, he released a “bright and eclectic” sample pack, Electronic Explorations, through Komorebi Audio.

About The Artist

REMNANT.exe is a musician, producer, and DJ currently based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His music brings together a wide range of influences from early 2000s electronica to contemporary bass music, creating a sound that bridges the gap between dark melodic tones and heavy bass foundations.

REMNANT.exe has cemented himself as a pillar in the growing wave music scene, with releases on and Terrorhythm, and has received support from names like Plastician, RL Grime, Alison Wonderland, Skeler, Deadcrow, and Heimanu.

From REMNANT.exe’s Beatport biography

As part of The Soul Food Music Collective, REMNANT.exe was interviewed on on Episode 11 of the Sundae Talks series. The audience was filled with support from the scene, like fellow wave artist Seraph., who took the opportunity to ask REMNANT.exe about his future plans, like the possibility of scoring music for film or video games.

The artist’s response? “Oh, I’d love to–any film producers, TV producers, game producers–hit me up!” Good news, producers–you can contact the artist at

Find REMNANT.exe on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch. Find his music on Bandcamp, Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube.

Check out his most recent single, “T A C H Y O N”, released as part of IMMINENT CYBERCORPORATION’s ARCADIA Compilation.

VibeDigital Presents: Juche

The second artist announced for the lineup was Juche, whose first full-length album, Future Love Story, was released by in 2019. Since then, the artist has put out tracks like “Falling” with Liquid Ritual, and more recently, “Nightscare“, through IMMINENT CYBERCORPORATION.

About The Artist

Juche is a Spanish wave producer based in France. He started making music in 2012, mainly influenced by Trance, Hard Dance, and French electronic music. In 2017, he launched the Juche project, debuting in the wave scene. From that day, Juche, real name Ismael, mixed up his music influences, inspired by sci- fi & modern arts, bringing together a futuristic sound. In 2019, he released his Future Love Story album debut with Since then, he has released singles like “Nightline” and “World Leaving”.

Juche has been followed and supported by many artists across the electronic scene, such as Porter Robinson, RL Grime, Uppermost and many more.

From Juche’s Beatport biography

It can be hard to imagine what “futuristic” means. In an interview with The Playground, Juche was asked to explain.

He says, “In this word, I see innovation, everything that has something to do with progress. I try to picture tomorrow’s music, and art in general, gathering what inspired me and what still inspires me.” When looking for inspiration, Juche turns to “arts and culture, [because] they give me the feeling of evolution, ingenuity.”

Connect with the artist on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Find his music on Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Bandcamp. Presents: Sorsari

The next announcement was Sorsari, pronounced “sorcery”, a foundational wave artist. His latest track, “Iron Sun“, was released as part of the massive Sable Valley Summer Vol 2 drop last week. Other recent singles include “Orbital Frame” and “Empryean“.

About The Artist

Sorsari is a name that commands huge respect among chilled electronic fans. His liquid-velvet style is the model example of contemporary achievements in the downtempo, trap-influenced movement, with his vigilant quality control gaining him love from the international wave community.

Emerging in 2015, the Canadian producer’s experiments with haunting soundscapes soon caught the attention of established scene dons. In 2016, he dropped both a full wave E.P on Terrorhythm – the remarkable Worlds Away – and also released a single wave track with Edmonton collective Future Roots. Sorsari has played a huge part in helping to form the identity of the emerging wave genre. In 2017, his endeavors earned him a coveted place in the formative Wavemob collective. [Another] offering – the melancholy head-bopper ‘Splinter ’ – was released as part of Liquid Ritual’s first compilation in Spring 2018.

From Recordings’ Biography

Speaking on his process behind creating wave content, Sorsari has said, “I think emotion plays the most powerful role in any production or piece of music. […] I want the listener to put themselves into an imaginary environment based on what they’re listening to and to resonate with it… The wave genre has been a gateway for me to do that.”

To get an idea of what he means, check out that OG livestream episode (003!!) that he mentions in the above Instagram post:

Connect with the artist across social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch.

Stream his music on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp.

Check out the Umbral Sound System as well. Presents: Noah B

Next, we have Noah B.

While he might be a recent addition to Arcana Management’s roster, Noah is another foundational wave artist. When asked to describe how a wave performance differs from other genres, he said, “You’ve got tracks with a lot of long buildups and interesting progressions, so there’s an opportunity to use that to your advantage and carry the energy of the set in an exciting way. Also, for many people, there’s an emotional connection with the music. So you (as an artist/dj) are interacting with the people on a lot of different personal levels, which you might not normally expect with typical ‘dance’ or ‘club’ music.”

See how Noah B accomplishes that emotional connection in his latest single, “Zero Suit”.

About The Artist

Noah B, one of New York’s many niche talents, dropped his first album ‘2 0 8 0 8’ back in 2014. The debut received praise from underground electronic fans globally and propelled him to fame on digital platforms such as Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Not long after that, in 2016, Noah B’s mark on the downtempo scene became even more momentous, with the release of his ‘Night’s Edge’ E.P. on the seminal Terrorhythm recordings. Polished and unapologetically glacial, Noah’s optimistic style evades categorisation but has been closely linked to the emerging Wave movement. [Another] release, ‘Lightspeed’, demonstrates the breadth of his ability to craft sensitive soundscapes.

From Recordings’ Biography

Connect with the artist across social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Find find his music on platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp. Don’t forget: Noah B has an upcoming single, “From Heaven”, coming out on September 23. Pre-save it now. Presents: Deadcrow

The fifth member of the lineup is Deadcrow, self-proclaimed hardstyle lover and hot wheel collector. Recently, he released “Bang With Uz” as part of the ARCADIA compilation through IMMINENT CYBERCORPORATION. His most recent single, “Scythe“, was released as part of the Sable Valley Vol 2 drop.’s 100th episode isn’t the only milestone project that Deadcrow has been a part of recently: he put together the 150th edition of FUXWITHIT’s guest mix series. Check it out.

About The Artist

Revered for his cutting-edge approach to wave music, Deadcrow is known for his nostalgic, JDM and cyberpunk aesthetic. Heavily influenced by video games Need for Speed, Underground 2, and Tokyo Xtreme Racer along with the Blade Runner films, Deadcrow brings forth a sound that’s both futuristic and heavy, yet emotionally-driven. His sonic touch has brought him around the world on tour, including his 2018 run of shows in the US. Deadcrow was the first wave artist to tour in the region. Now, he has caught the attention of high-profile artists such as RL Grime, Steve Aoki, Zeds Dead, Krewella, and more.

As a staple on wave labels Liquid Ritual,, and wavemob, Deadcrow has helped spur a movement which has led him to expand his release catalogue to some of electronic music’s most notable labels, including Sable Valley, Dim Mak, Artikal, and more. Also known for his experimental sound and tastefully unpredictable DJ sets, Deadcrow has influenced the next generation of bass music.

From Deadcrow’s Spotify Biography

Deadcrow was interviewed as part of the FUXWITHIT collaboration. He was asked to speak on his career and how he celebrates milestones.

His response?

“The most satisfying thing is putting in the work and reaching the goals you have set for yourself, even if they seem like minor achievements. I think that that way, you can basically have something to celebrate and feel good about every week, as long as you actually make things happen. It’s literally the corniest shit, but hard, unconditional work really does tend to pay off.”

I think we can all agree with that!

Keep up with Deadcrow by connecting with him across social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

Stream his music on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and Spotify. Presents: Skeler

The next artist that announced was Skeler, who practically broke the Internet with the massive Night Drive: Part II drop on August 6th. All of the tracks together clock in at an impressive 1:31:22 runtime; none of them were named, simply referred to as “Skeler – ID” at release.

Notice how in the comments section of the YouTube video, fans have been compiling track names, crowdsourcing-style.

Check out the original Night Drive:

About The Artist

Skeler has been at the forefront of developing the wave scene for years. Re-defining the genre with every track, Skeler combines dubstep and trance influences to create energetic and hard-hitting wave music like no other. Skeler’s influence has not gone unnoticed: headlining events worldwide in 2018 expanded the genre to new heights.

Skeler has released with various platforms including Yusoul, Yume, FOMH, and Accidental Poet; his debut EP released on Liquid Ritual in 2018.

From Recordings’ Biography

In 2017, Future Magazine asked Skeler how he was developing the genre. The artist responded, “I have been pushing the genre to become more “club friendly”. I feel that this will really open up the genre to a wider audience and will allow us artists to play out at clubs/festivals more often”

Skeler further described his boundary-pushing style as “Heavy Club Wave” and “Festival Wave”; he encouraged listeners to check out “Limit” to better understand what he means.

Connect with the artist on social media: Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Facebook.

Stream Skeler’s music: Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube.

The Headliners Presents: Plastician

The episode’s first headliner announcement came next: the man, the myth, the legend… Plastician.

There is so much that can be said about this man.

As a renowned DJ & producer, true pioneer of grime & dubstep, and the genius behind The Wavepool, a groundbreaking compilation series of only the freshest in wave music, Plastician seriously is a force to be reckoned with.

If you’d like to get to know Plastician a bit more personally, check out this live chat between Plastician and Skream from a few months ago, uploaded to the Terrorhythm Team’s YouTube channel.

About The Artist

Chris Reed, also known as Plastician (formerly Plasticman), is a Producer / DJ from Thornton Heath in the London Borough of Croydon.

Plastician is unique in that he is respected as one of the true pioneers of both the Dubstep and Grime genres. Although these days, he is reputed for selecting from a broad range of bass heavy styles.

He plays a weekly radio show on Rinse FM, and is noted for being the first DJ to play tracks by Emalkay, Joker, 12th Planet and countless more to date.

In 2006 he spent 18 months on BBC Radio 1, making him the world’s first DJ to have a specialist dubstep and grime radio show on national radio.

Running @Terrorhythm – follow @rinsefm for podcasts

Plastician’s SoundCloud Bio

Connect with Plastician on Social Media: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Instagram.

Stream his music on SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube. Follow RinseFM to keep up with his podcasts. Presents: CloZee

There was so much hype leading up to the final headliner announcement. Dozens of wrong guesses ranging from Kareful to w/out to Cardi B were tweeted at for days until they finally announced who the true headliner is on Monday.

It’s… CloZee!

This is so exciting–I couldn’t imagine a better reveal!

CloZee is AWESOME. This chick is the definition of dedication. She knew what made her happy and never stopped chasing it.

And the world is better for it: not unlike the others in the lineup, CloZee creates some of the most unique and gorgeous music I have ever heard in my life. She also founded her own artist-centric label in 2020, Odyzey Music. #womanownedbusiness.

In fact, today’s our lucky day! The first Odyzey Music Compilation dropped earlier. Read all about it on CloZee’s Instagram post, below-

About The Artist

French producer Chloé Herry is a worldly and rhythmic figure in the electronic music atmosphere. Best known as CloZee, this Toulouse-dwelling producer awakens the wanderer within. Her sound can best be described as world bass. Drawing inspiration from her frequent travels and subsequent explosive performances across the globe, the multidimensional musician casts a wide net that draws listeners in from all walks of life.

The 2015 release of CloZee’s breakthrough single “Koto” marked the beginning of her legacy. Her debut album Evasion sent ripples throughout the electronic music industry, cementing her as a champion of genre-bending bass. Her on-stage presence has moved crowds in geographic regions from the likes of France, India, Australia, and the US. In 2020, CloZee started a new journey with the launch of her own artist-friendly label, Odyzey Music. With the inception of Odyzey Music, CloZee released her highly anticipated album Neon Jungle, which has earned praise from Billboard, Forbes, and many others.

From CloZee’s Biography on her Website

Connect with CloZee across social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Stream her music on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Find out more about Odyzey Music on their website.