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A Bandcamp Friday Exclusive: Just Connor’s “Platinum Angels” Pre-Release Was A Gift.

Barely a month after his last single, the genre-defining wave producer Just Connor is at it again with his latest single, “Platinum Angels”, an upbeat, atmospheric track that’ll make your heart race.

Trust me when I say this song is something you need to listen to right now.

Check it out:

“Platinum Angels” was first made available as a special pre-release for August’s Bandcamp Friday. It will be available on streaming platforms later this summer.

This track will get you up and out of your seat with its electrifying synths, addictive melodies and classic JC beats—all perfectly layered together at a pace that will make you MOVE.

It is four minutes of pure bliss.

Hearing it is a transformative experience.

Defining a Genre & Other Recent Releases

“The music is a B-side to me; the friendships are why I’m here.” 

Just Connor (“JC”), interview via Discord, May 2021

Just Connor’s discography dates back to 2014, but he’s been making ambient, melancholic beats since long before then. As an alum of many projects and collectives like Realm, Terrorhythm, Forest Bois, and Vibe.Digital, it isn’t surprising to find out that JC, a Hudson Valley native, was one of the OG wave producers, who threw underground shows “with the homies” and worked towards putting New York on the map.

Just Connor’s selections for his takeover of the Vibe.Digital Spotify playlist.

Since then, JC has been embracing the ever-growing online wave community and continuing to define the genre as he does.

“Without the community, I’m not here,” JC explained. “We were friends before anyone put a title on it […] it really was just a community of people who were really into their music. 90% of the people in this community are extraordinary human beings and have become my closest friends.”

Wave truly is much more than a genre of music; it’s grown beyond that. What started as a group of friends trading beats and throwing parties has become a huge community of people where it’s all about “homies supporting homies” at the end of the day. Hearing JC describe this phenomenon during our interview brought tears my eyes. The level of love, respect, and support that these artists have for each other is a force to be reckoned with.

“Without the community, I’m not here.”

The world certainly could learn a thing or two from the wave community, that’s for sure.

The Future is JC

Since moving out to Colorado, Just Connor has been embracing the “bass capital of the country” and incorporating all sorts of heavier new influences—dubstep, deepdub, hard bass, riddim, etc.—into his music.

The results have been incredible.

“I wanted to come out to Colorado to hang out, and meet some people I only knew online… I wanted the opportunity to be surrounded by a new style of music [because] where you are influences what you make.”

Faster, harder—less melancholic and emotive. Something inspired by the trance that’s always been in his heart and the heavy beats he’s come to love. As a result, JC is known for being on the cutting edge of the hardwave scene, which has only been growing in popularity lately.

Just Connor is definitely the producer to keep an eye on.  

Just Connor’s sound remains as versatile as ever, however, as demonstrated in his recent Vibe.Digital livestream sets. These combine much of his own original music, as well as some samples from his biggest influences. JC hosted one of the livestreams, Episode 096, in celebration of his recent collaboration with Five Suns, “Soft Vision”, a meditative hit.

Find the archived copy of the episode below.

Just Connor’s latest feature on the Vibe.Digital livestream occurred just this past weekend on Twitch. The podcast episode was uploaded on Tuesday, August 24, to the label’s SoundCloud, as announced on Twitter.


Just Connor’s music can be found on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Spotify. Connect with the artist on Twitter and Instagram.

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