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This Friday in LA: “LIMIT BREAK”, curated by Club Evil & Tears in the Club.

Are you going to be in LA this weekend? Well, cancel your plans, because on Friday, Club Evil and Tears in the Club are presenting one hell of an event that you will not want to miss: “LIMIT BREAK”.

With a promise to deliver a special blend of high-energy electronic music, while focusing on genres like neo-grime, hardwave, and jungle, you know that this club night is one that LA won’t forget anytime soon.

We connected with the curators, as well as a couple of the artists on the lineup, to find out exactly what the deal is.

Find all the details, below. Don’t miss out!

Club Evil x Tears in the Club Present: “LIMIT BREAK” in LA.

Tears in the Club and Club Evil Present LIMIT BREAK in LA

Date: Friday, February 24th.

Location: Downtown LA (at a secret location to be unveiled the day of the event).

Time: 10PM-4AM

What to expect: a blend of music presented by artists from the hardwave, breakcore, jungle, and other scenes not often showcased in LA; brought to you by local promoters, Club Evil and Tears in the Club.

Tickets: click here

Wait, we’re gonna shed some ‘Tears’ in the… ‘Club Evil’ this weekend?

No, you’re (probably) not going to be crying in some malicious club somewhere in LA this weekend–

Club Evil and Tears in the Club will be your humble hosts on Friday.

The two groups have a couple things in common: both are local to Los Angeles, and both have been doing the work to promote the electronic underground in a big way. Specifically, Club Evil is a multi-genre music collective and record label with a live music showcase series based in Hollywood. Tears in the Club is a wave music showcase series spearheaded by a producer called Loss Combinator.

We caught up with Loss Combinator from Tears in the Club and Aurient from Club Evil to learn more:

“Tears in the Club was originally incepted as a musical showcase for cutting-edge electronic music artists associated with the futuristic and emotional soundscapes of genres such as wave, hardwave, neo-grime, hypertrance and modern witchhouse. 

The showcase typically features international and diverse performances in a very curated manner.  However, in order to foster a more dynamic, sustainable, and local environment for these genres, Tears in the Club has partnered with Club Evil to present a lineup composed entirely of local, LA-based artists. This line-up contains a wider representation of future-oriented and cutting-edge music inclusive of the aforementioned genres, while including breakcore, garage, jungle, dark and melodic techno, and a variety of other underrepresented, but highly innovative, segments of the electronic music ecosystem. 

The artists featured represent some of the most dynamic and forward-thinking Los Angeles DJs and will take place in a venue that’s been selected to represent the joint vision of Club Evil and Tears in the Club.”

– Loss Combinator

“We started Club Evil around 2014 as a small group of artists occasionally posting mixtapes online. It was low-key like that for a long time, until 2021, when we started throwing weekly Twitch livestream parties in our apartments. We invited a lot of our friends to come DJ, and over time, it came to feel like a nice little community of local artists and friends abroad who would watch the parties live on Twitch every Tuesday.

We’ve met a lot of amazing people over the last year, and the connections made at these house parties led us to transition into proper nightlife. Now, with a weekly residency in Hollywood (at Dirty Laundry Bar), and plenty of underground events under our belt, it’s been awesome to experience our friends playing bigger and bigger shows.

We also run a small record label (CLBEVL), which allows us to further highlight and nurture our friends’ musical ambitions. As far as the art direction goes, I’ve always wanted to project this duality of “cute & dark”; anime and sci-fi aesthetics have been a big part of that expression.

Musically we are pretty eclectic, but I think its always been about doing something unique and thought provoking. I like when a song makes me feel sad and euphoric at the same time; that’s the vibe.”

– Aurient

So what’s the deal with “LIMIT BREAK”?

The artists featured at “LIMIT BREAK” include Dara Genesis, Zora, Cyberia Lain, AYDO8, Lorize, and C-ZER, as well as our curators from Club Evil and Tears in the Club, Loss Combinator and Aurient.

Explaining the concept behind the club night, Loss Combinator told us,

“The LIMIT BREAK moniker is a double entendre representing both a nod to the type of music we think that the ravers of the Final Fantasy VII world would be partying to in the post-apocalyptic Midgar slums, as well as a statement about the musical barriers that will be broken and the limits that will be pushed throughout the event.”

Take a ‘guided tour’ of Midgar:

“A Tour of Midgar” (C) IGN

We caught up with a couple of the artists to hear what they had to say about this unforgettable night:


“I’m super stoked to be a part of this collab show, especially after watching Tears in the Club expand into a regularly-scheduled wave night. We’re still a relatively small scene, so being able to have a place where we can connect with people just as excited about wave and futuristic music is so important.

When I go to a Tears show, it’s pretty much all friends, and everyone’s vibing super hard, and we’re all enjoying each other’s company; the vibe is really unlike any of the other electronic music shows I’ve been to. Wave is also such a malleable genre, and this collab show between Tears and Club Evil is going to prove that. We’ve got an amazing and diverse lineup of artists who are literally going to be breaking the limits between [all sorts of genres].

‘LIMIT BREAK’ is going to be something super special and I encourage everyone reading this to come.”

Dara Genesis:

“I first came across early chatter about this event through an open call that Club Evil put out for DJs that play certain genres.

My friend Loss Combinator then told me he was hoping to put something on, and I connected him to [a gallery contact of mine], as we both felt the space could be a perfect fit for his vision.

I love an open format night, so I’m excited to be on a lineup with such a diverse array of talent, and I can’t wait to be part of such a well-curated and accessible event!”


“As an artist, I am beyond thrilled to be playing Limit Break. This event not only offers a platform to introduce the captivating sounds of wave music to new audiences, but it also reflects the growth of Tears In the Club as a community that nurtures diversity and shared passions. Tears has successfully highlighted the talents of emerging and established artists alike, all of whom embody a common appreciation for forward-thinking, dystopian, cyber-inspired aesthetics and sonics. This collaboration with Club Evil will showcase this and will make for an awesome night of great music. Personally, I have found a great sense of belonging within this community, and I cannot wait to play alongside them this weekend.”

– Lorize

Make sure to get your tickets to “LIMIT BREAK” today; this night is truly going to be like no other.

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