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What to Watch Tonight: Brought To You by MendoWerks

Picture this: you just got home from work, and it’s finally time to relax. You pick up the remote, but terror strikes, leaving you paralyzed. Your freshly-microwaved leftover spaghetti gets cold in your lap. You’re drawing a blank. The television is staring just as blankly back at you as you both realize that last night, you finished the latest re-watch of your favorite mid-2010’s sitcom… and now…

You have absolutely no idea what to watch tonight.

Don’t panic.

Take a deep breath; take a bite of your spaghetti.

It’s okay–we’ve all been there.

We have some good news for you.

Every month, our in-house film critic, Matt Shiverdecker, curates a special list of all the best current and upcoming content that’s coming out across streaming channels, just for our MendoWerks readers–for readers like you!

Below, you will find a catalogue containing each month’s list of must-to-watch movies, documentaries, and more, broken down by streaming service.

Whether you’re a Netflix fan, a Hulu loyalist, a Criterion Channel fanatic, or if you gravitate towards any of the other various streaming, subscription, or on-demand viewing options out there… We got your back.

We’ll find you something to watch tonight.

In other words, get ready to dig into more than those leftovers–

Your streaming issue?

It’s solved, baby!

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