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10 Wave Songs to Listen To Right Now

So, it appears that we’ve abandoned the monthly format we once used for these “Wave Wrapped” posts after approximately two months… whoops–

But, hey– good news!

That just means that now we get to introduce you to double the songs as we usually do while we catch you up on all the hidden gems coming from the wave scene lately. Given all of the recent big news–the compilations, the tours, the festival appearances, and what-have-you–it’s easy to miss some really great songs.

So let’s dive in!

10 Wave Songs to Add to Your Library:

If you like gentle, delicate wave music that’s going to transport you to a dreamlike, yet restorative place… then check out:

mvrina – “dreams of u”

If you like hugely emotional music that ends in a much different place than it begins (e.g., a meditation that builds to where you can dance away the pain)… then check out:

00e1 – “broken”

If you like ethereal, natural-meets-cybernetic tunes that feel like they belong on the soundtrack for ‘Phantasy Star Online’ or ‘Final Fantasy 7’… then check out:

Nick Neutronz – “Watch Urself”

If you like classic wave bangers or the feeling of traversing the abyss (but like, in a good way–trust me)… then check out:

M!NGO – “La Morte”

If you like fresh takes on the genre that feature addictive instrumentation which will likely inspire even the most reluctant among you to dance… then check out:

6ixsr – “Colours”

If you like trippy, choppy musical effects fused together with gorgeous-yet-haunting vocals… then check out:

fQYI x Tequty – “PUSTOTA”

If you like future riddim and/or the unique, otherworldly stylings that only a master producer can synthesize… then check out:

Just Connor – “Limbic Friction”

If you like satisfying builds that prepare you for an intergalactic, high-speed chase sequence… then check out:

Kaskit – “Kingdom”

If you like big tunes that yo-yo between an intensity of 1 to 100 and use a plethora of vocal samples without distracting from the music… then check out:


If you like gorgeous hardwave tunes that reprogram your brain (no, I won’t elaborate)… then check out:

Aekae x Teneki – Ether

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