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5 Reasons to Be Hyped AF for Sunset Festival 2023

Sunset Music Festival is the go-to Memorial Day festival in the beautiful Tampa Bay area. With nearly 20 years of history in a beautiful destination, this festival offers full-scale production and timeless experiences for artists and fans alike. Local powerhouse promoters Sunset Events and Disco Donnie Presents are ready to deliver an incredible 2023 edition of the fest that you will not want to miss.

Read on to find out why you should be hyped AF for this year’s Sunset fest.

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Hyped AF for Sunset Festival 2023:

Reason #1: Sunset Festival presents three stacked stages of incredible music for you to enjoy all weekend long.

You read that right–there will be three different stages for you to enjoy at Sunset Festival. The main stage, aptly named Sunset Stage, features mainstream favorites like REZZ, Slander, and Wuki (formerly of Innerpartysystem). The Horizon Stage is where you’ll find breakout artists bumping four-on-the-floor type beats–think DJ Susan or AC Slater. The coolest stage might be the Eclipse Stage. At the Eclipse Stage, you’ll find a diverse line-up of artists including KAYZO, Ravenscoon (psychedelic bass with some wavy bits), JEANIE (founder of GRL GANG), and TVBOO. Find more information here.

Reason #2: Sunset Festival’s organizers have your mental health in mind.

Sunset has prepared numerous rest areas to serve as a safe haven while you take a break from raving in order to hydrate and recharge. These sites radiate comfy vibes. They come complete with bean bag chairs and shade structures. Additionally, the festival’s organizers prepared the OUTLET tent, which is dedicated to mental health and wellness.

Check out music by Ravenscoon, an Eclipse Stage artist:

Reason #3: You can witness the iconic “Sunset Moment” of gratitude.

The Sunset Moment is a time that the organizers use as an opportunity to express gratitude to Sunset Music Festival attendees. Because fans make this event possible every year, the organizers dedicate this as a moment of reflection while the sun sets.

Reason #4: The marketplace gives you unique opportunities to experience your favorite brands in new ways…

One cool opportunity you’ll have at Sunset is the exclusive chance to sample the brand new Hard Mountain Dew. Attendees who are 21+ will be able to visit the Bliss Wellness Market. This market features plant-based wellness items ranging from baked goods, slushies, infused seltzers, hemp cookies. Be careful, but have fun!

Reason #5: …and of course, the official Sunset merch!

The swag for Sunset Festival 2023 is to die for. The jerseys are delightfully colorful and on theme. The word on the street is… they are also likely to sell out.

Make sure to get there early, or pre-order now.

Check the merch out:

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