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Wave Wrapped: March 2023

We’re back again for another edition of ‘Breaking Waves: Wave Wrapped’–this time, we’re bringing you some awesome wave music you might’ve missed from last month, March 2023.

Last month was crazy for wave–Skeler finally dropped both editions of his incredible “N i g h t D r i v e” projects; the massive US-based “wave tour” (featuring Skeler, barnacle boi, and Brothel), brought to us by and kompass music group, was announced. Wave artists vowl., Kareful, and hyperforms–as well as father of wave music, Plastician–were featured at Belgium’s Rampage festival as well, thanks to the efforts of the folks at Liquid Ritual…among other cool feats.

Sit back and reminisce with me–and let’s talk about some cool wavy releases that we may have missed along the way.

Wave Wrapped: New Music from March 2023

SBU – “Deep Love”

So, this track was first unveiled in full at Pantheon 2022–and I have not stopped thinking about it. I freaked the fuck out. I mean, I listened to’s “A Look Forward at 2022” mix countless times… mostly because I just really wanted to hear the snippet of this song. I’ll be honest about that.

SBU brings us cinematic drama with “Deep Love”; he shows off his masterful use of sampling as well as his ability to create huge soundscapes that are uniquely him. I honestly love this song, and think you will, too.

Keep in touch with SBU:

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R7U – “Chrysalis”

Similarly, R7U brings some drama in her March release, “Chrysalis.” I’m obsessed with the juxtaposition between her sweet, gentle vocals–and the really depressing words that are sung. This song is quite catchy, and after a few spins, I even found myself quietly singing along…

R7U is definitely one to watch; she makes music that’s the absolute definition of “cool”.

Keep in touch with R7U:

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Melodinumbra – “BATTLE SCARS”

God, do I love War Dubs season. What I love even more is the fact that Melodinumbra brought his war dub to Spotify. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, you’ve come to the right place. This hardwave/neotrance producer is all about high energy and great vibes. Definitely don’t skip this one.

Which–speaking of vibes–check out his recent podcast feature if you’re looking for more of this sort of thing; it was an absolute blast.

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MA-GØ – “The Psychward is Burning”

Cyberwave Collective‘s MA-GØ is back at it again with his new song, “The Psychward is Burning”–and I say, let it burn.

While the song starts off pretty chill, MA-GØ lets the intensity creep up to an 11 in this psychotic banger; it gives huge “let’s go rave at the old abandoned asylum” vibes, in the best possible way. It’s unsettling, but may end up making you wanna rage. I really enjoy it and think you will, too.

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Altare – “Ruins”

Last but not least, we have Altare’s “Ruins”. The word “beautiful” doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel about this one.

This song is a n0t-so-simple reminder of why I love electronic music. The variety of sounds/textures present in this song, and the resulting moods/atmospheres, are just simply gorgeous. Tears literally sprung to my eyes at a few points while intently listening to this one, and I think it’s well worth spending a bit of your time on.

Keep in touch with Altare:

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