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Breaking Waves: Wave Wrapped – February 2023

2023 has been an insane year for wave music so far. Between multiple wave music compilations coming out, huge names like Skeler dropping new music, and more–it’s easy to lose track of it all. Hell, Skrillex didn’t do us or our attention spans any favors, either–I mean, how many albums did he drop so far? Two? Five? Hmph. S0, let’s change gears for a moment. Let me welcome you to “Wave Wrapped”: a lil semi-monthly listacle of some songs that we feel may have been overlooked.

This time around, we’re highlighting new tracks by Lorize, Michiya Mirai, KYLLER, KASKIT, and CSV.


Check out February’s “Wave Wrapped” on Spotify, below:

Lorize – “Remember”

Okay, fine, you caught me– this track came out in January, but it was at the very end of January, so we’re going to consider it for February Wrapped, capeesh? I simply had to include it– “Remember” is delightfully upbeat and melodic; if you close your eyes, you’ll get a feeling as if you’re flying, soaring… It’s absolutely lovely. Lorize is definitely one to keep an eye on.

About Lorize:

“Combining the sonic qualities of trap, trance and wave – rising producer and DJ, Lorize brings forth a distinct blend of emotive dance music. Having developed his style in Dallas, Texas, during his formative years he was heavily influenced by hip hop, 90’s RnB, Eurodance, and video game OST’s. His passion for music has led him to create an style that seamlessly blends these influences with a deep appreciation for the soundscapes and aesthetics of a dystopian world. His productions are crafted with cybernetic textures and lush synths that convey hopeful yet aggressive dance sounds. With his music, Lorize is on a mission to spark a futuristic awakening and inspire the next generation of bass music enthusiasts.”

– artist’s Spotify

Connect with Lorize:

Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

Michiya Mirai – “You and Me”

This song by Michiya Mirai definitely shows off the more emotional side of wave; it’s mournful, gentle, and really tugs at the heartstrings. It’s beautiful. This song stood out for me because of its extensive use of vocals–something still somewhat rare in the genre, as far as I’m aware. Do check it out.

About Michiya Mirai:

This artist is a fairly new member of the UFO.Wave Collective, and their first “hardwave” artist, according to sources from the Collective. This Netherlands-based producer is best known for his emotional melodies and is someone to definitely keep an eye on as he continues to put out more and more music.

Connect with Michiya Mirai:

Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

KYLLER – “Doin’ Time”

Whether you love Lana or hate her, you’ve gotta admit– KYLLER’s redux of her “Doin’ Time” cover is honestly phenomenal. I personally like it more than any version of the song I’ve ever heard. It’s got a certain ~cool vibe~ to it that the others are missing. When I first heard it, I couldn’t help but keep looping it–the song’s got a hypnotic quality to it that I just couldn’t quite get enough of.


“Influenced by the heavy bass sounds of trap combined with a fresh UK wavey spin, KYLLER’s ability to seamlessly combine Wave, DnB and Grime into hard hitting club-shakers has become a trademark of the cliche KYLLER sound.”

-bio sourced from Spotify

Connect with KYLLER:

Bandcamp | SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram

KASKIT – “Round Up”.

KASKIT gives us a different vibe with this track. “Round Up” is darker, a bit haunted, even. I love the way that KASKIT builds up this song in a way that’s perfectly put together, yet unsettling in a way, as if there’s unfinished business to take care of. The producer creates this intense feeling like something is coming. It makes me wonder who is the hunter and who is the prey–like, what exactly is getting “round up”–us?


“Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA Kaskit entered the electronic music scene in 2020 with a heavily wave influenced and driven sound. Inspiration stemming from original wave, dub and dark electronic as well as a deep seeded passion for heavy metal. A performer for years as a bass guitarist for popular rock and metal bands such as Liftpoint (Chicago), After Midnight Project (Los Angeles), and State and Madison (Chicago – currently a member) Kaskit has begun to carve a path truly their own that defies genre.”

– bio as provided by the artist

Connect with KASKIT:

Website | SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram

CSV – “Iron Clover”

Similarly, CSV also delves into some dark, intense territory with his “Iron Clover”. The leading melody easily captures our attention, but there’s so much going on in the background–one definitely needs to listen through this song more than once to really feel the full effect. I’m particularly fond of the suggestion of a voice glitching through the music here and there, as if we’re somewhere between dimensions as we listen.

“Rising record producer and audio-visual artist Chris Speed Visuals (CSV) has unleashed torrents of genre-bending releases via various outlets including the revered Sheffield label Off Me Nut and emerging imprints Cherche Encore, SYNES, Insert and The Games We Play.

Born and raised in London, CSV began solely as a digital artist but his musical output gradually developed over the years. His dark underground sound comes from teens spent immersed in the sounds of dingy East London club nights.

Drawing on a myriad of influences including grime, jungle, dubstep and other extensions of the hardcore continuum, CSV also utilises a combination of hardware synthesisers and algorithmic composition in his music, making for boundary-pushing results. […]”

Bio sourced from Spotify

Connect with CSV:

Website | SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram

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