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National Library Week: A Celebration of Books Through Music

It’s National Library Week here in the United States, and this year’s theme is “There’s More to the Story.” This is definitely fitting (for our purposes, at least), especially given the fact that this article is not only about libraries themselves… but also about music related to stories or literature in some way.

Before we get to all that, we need to set the record straight: libraries are awesome. While COVID may have had a tremendous impact on library systems due to closures and low foot traffic, and many people consider libraries to be ‘dead’…

They aren’t.

But they do need your help.

And honestly, you probably need your library more than you think, too.

What do I need a library for? I have my cellphone/the Internet/whatever.

Listen—I get it. I love my hand-computer too. I don’t have to talk to anyone for like, anything–and all the information in the world is at my fingertips–and all that–

However, consider this: your local library is one of the last places that you (and your kids) can exist in public without spending any money.


The library is genuinely one of the only places that truly exists entirely for you and your community. That’s it.

They exist for you.  

The library—and its staff—is the ultimate community-centric resource.

Your library is the one place where you can walk in with a question—pretty much any question—and the staff there are going to be ready and willing to help you hunt down that answer. Reference librarians may not be available in all cities, but the clerks at the check-out desk are just as research-savvy in a pinch, and just as ready to help.

Often, local governments and related organizations (like public schools) provide information to the local library about different social programs, as well as the need-to-know about votes on policy changes, new-year budgets, and other opportunities for civic action–so that all residents can have easy access to it, no Internet required.

Beyond that–not only are libraries home to all sorts of wonderful books, magazines, and other publications for you to discover, but did you know that your local library also deals in music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and other forms of recorded media? What about the fact that the library can often provide access to streaming services, video games, museum passes, household goods, and more?

Yes–I’m serious. The library is full of opportunities.

(My local library has a multimeter for patrons to borrow, for fuck’s sake.)

The point is–liibraries are awesome; you never know what they have available for you to borrow with a swipe of your library card.

And, chances are, your library also offers some of this available via an app as well. And, the use of that helps your library keep its numbers up—and, in turn, keep its funding, and not have to shut its doors for good.

Beyond physical materials…

Beyond check-outs, your library is also home to community events, free classes, workshops, social clubs (for kids and adults!) and other in-person (or digital) gatherings as well.

Anything is possible at the library: if there’s something you want to see happen in your community, chances are, you can fill out a form and put the program on yourself, in tandem with your library’s staff.

Whether you’re in need of information, some entertainment, or a new sense of community… the library is there for you.

Take this as a sign to maybe stop in over the weekend and check out your local library.

It’s the perfect time of year for it.

Need help finding your local library? Click here. (US only)

Celebrate Library Week 2023: check out some music about libraries, books, writing, and more.

To kick off the celebration, check out these six songs with literary themes:

1: The Head and the Heart – “Library Magic”

2: Kerli – “Tea Party” (as inspired by Alice in Wonderland.)

3: THE HARA – “Autobiography”

4: Kanye West – “Blood On The Leaves” (as inspired by this anti-lynching poem by Abel Meeropol).

5: Just Connor x Noah B – “Murakami”

6: Ice Nine Kills – “Hell In The Hallways” (as inspired by Stephen King‘s Carrie.)

Can’t get enough ‘book music’?

Okay, good– us either.

We actually have 34 more tracks for you.

Find more music about books (or other literary themes) compiled into a Spotify playlist, below– Happy Library Week!

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