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THE HARA is Here to Get You Laid. [On Recent Updates, SXSW, & More]

In case you missed it, THE HARA dropped some major announcements on social media recently, including their American debut at SXSW, some updates on their LP, an upcoming single…

… and their plans to get you laid.

Need I say more? Read on.

THE HARA to see their American debut at SXSW

Get a taste of the best in UK alternative rock by heading out t0 Austin, TX, next month for SXSW.

The Details:

On December 8, 2022, THE HARA announced their acceptance into SXSW 2023, as presented by Scruff of the Neck.

Their showcase will take place on 17th March at The Velveeta Room.

Other artists featured at this showcase include Avalanche Party, GIRLI, and Lime Garden.

You can witness the lads in a live environment through their “Live At Satan’s Hollow” offerings, but there’s something especially electric about being in the room while they perform. After attending a show each from their “We All Wear Black” (2022) and “We Are The Movement” (2021) tours, I can assure you that this band will renew your faith in rock-n-roll.

If you find yourself at SXSW this year, you will leave with regrets if you don’t stop by The Velveeta Room and witness THE HARA in their most powerful form.

Which is, of course, tearing up a stage right in front of you.

While the venue is technically a comedy club… I honestly think it’s a great location for THE HARA, despite it not necessarily being a traditional concert hall.

The band is serious about their craft, but the lads know not to take themselves too seriously in the process as well. Their sets are always full of comedic bits and jokes; the chemistry between them is palpable. It’s always a pleasure to witness.

If they ever do, heaven forbid, decide to quit music, the lads may have a career in stand-up waiting for them.

Perhaps they could even return to The Velveeta Room in that capacity, if they so desired.

Musical Updates

In addition to their SXSW announcement, THE HARA has been dropping fire tune after fire tune lately. The most recent song they released is “Died In My Twenties”, which had me crying in my car–more than once–when it first came out.

Their next single, “Autobiography”, is due on 17th March, the same day as their SXSW showcase.

Check out the music video for “Died in my Twenties” on YouTube, below:

All of these singles are coming in anticipation of their first LP, Survival Mode, which is now due out on 7th April. This is also the first day of their UK tour. Find pre-order information as well as tickets on the band’s website, here.

The band took to social media this week to clear up a few things, including the delay on their album, which was originally going to be released in a couple weeks. Production delays are to blame, but THE HARA has a couple treats ready for fans, in order to make up for the wait.

Check out the video, below, and find out more–including how the band plans to get you laid.

Connect with THE HARA:

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