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“It’s Called ‘Fool & The Thief’ and It Goes Like This” — THE HARA Dropped Live at Satan’s Hollow Music Video

When THE HARA had announced that they recorded their Satan’s Hollow show and were putting out a live album, I was so excited I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Even better? The band just dropped the “Fool & the Thief” segment on New Years Day for us all to enjoy.

Happy 2023 indeed.

Check out THE HARA’s ‘Live at Satan’s Hollow – Fool & The Thief’, now on YouTube:

In case you never got to experience THE HARA in concert, this video is a good introduction to the absolute madness that ensues. The use of creative camera angling and the way the team uses color and lighting to their advantage aids in mimicking the chaotic, ever-changing energy that’s contained in the room.

After all– THE HARA is the band that will have you all but holding your breath during their more emotional songs, hanging onto every note of their performance– and then the next thing you know, Josh Taylor lost his pants somewhere and is now either dancing on the bar or is hanging precariously from something.

You never really know what exactly is going to go down at a HARA show, but you know you’re in for a one hell of a great ride.

And it goes like this…

Fool & The Thief” is the third single from their 2022 EP, We All Wear Black–and is a personal favorite of mine. The song has amassed over 2.3 million streams on Spotify since its debut; at least of a third of them are from me, I’m sure.

The full Satan’s Hollow show is now available for order on DVD/CD via the band’s website.

The full live album was released on streaming services last summer via Scruff of the Neck.

Check it out, below.

So what ever happened to the live DVD anyway?

I’ll be completely honest–I have a pristine copy of Papa Roach: Live and Murderous in Chicago that has traveled with me from my hometown, to my college dormitory, to my first–and current–apartments. It’ll come with me wherever I go; it’s one of my most cherished childhood possessions.

I share this with you because I genuinely believe that the live concert DVD–hell, the live album in general, it seems–is a relic of the past that never should’ve become a relic in the first place.

A live concert recording is invaluable to fans, especially in the globalized music communities that we see today. Some artists may never visit certain locations because it doesn’t make sense to tour there. Some fans may not be able to travel to see their favorites live due to geographic or economic reasons, and offering a live album or DVD might just be the solution to this problem. They allow fans to experience their favorite music in a whole new way, regardless of if they were physically present at the function or not. They make for incredible mementos for those who were at the show as well–and don’t come with the side effect of being forced to watch the show through the screens of two dozen different cellphones at any given time, either.*

I’m glad to see that bands like THE HARA are starting to see their value again.

(*I’m not a hater–just please be mindful of those around you when you’re taking your photos and recording your story posts, please. No one paid to watch the show through your phone the whole time… including you, I would imagine.)


“THE HARA is Josh Taylor (frontman), Zack Breen (guitar) and Jack Kennedy (drums) from Manchester. Refusing to be pigeonholed, their ‘genre fluid’ music sees them continue to break new ground sonically and they have already found a home on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music playlists.

Featured across airwaves and column inches with notable acclaim from BBC Introducing,  Amazing Radio, Kerrang! and Manchester Evening News, 2021 was an exceptionally successful summer as they debuted at festivals up and down the country starting with Download Festival before bookending the summer opening the main stage at Reading and Leeds. […]

Grit, energy, and a perceptive exploration of the chaos that surrounds THE HARA has fuelled their recent anthemic releases….”

bio sourced from the band’s website.

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