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What to Watch: May 2022 Streaming Preview

If you’re looking for something new on streaming in May, we’ve got you covered. Maybe you want to sit down with a brand new release to rent on VOD? If you’d rather check out something that has just hit a service you already subscribe to, we’ve got you covered there too.

Check out some of our picks for what you should add to your watchlist! What are you most excited to see?

Newly Available on VOD

Criterion Channel

  • Directed by Richard Linklater – 18 film series including Slacker, the Before trilogy, Boyhood, and SubUrbia (May 1)
  • True Mothers – Exclusive streaming premiere of Naomi Kawase’s 2020 Japanese drama. The film was selected as Japan’s entry for the 93rd Academy Awards and premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival to great acclaim. This is part of a series of Kawase’s work that also includes Sweet Bean and Radiance. (May 4)


  • Dear Evan Hansen – Ben Platt reprises his starring role in this adaptation of the hit Broadway musical. (May 6)
  • The Matrix: Resurrections – Lana Wachowski’s fourth installment in the sci-fi series returns to HBO after last fall’s day-and-date premiere. (May 10)
  • Navalny – Fresh off its CNN premiere, this award-winning documentary follows Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny as he tells his story while recovering from an assassination attempt. (May 26)
  • Old – M. Night Shymalan’s effective and wonderfully bizarre thriller finds a group of vacationing tourists trapped on a beach that rapidly ages them. (May 13)


  • Gamestop: Rise of the Players – The filmmakers behind Console Wars take a look at the investors who participated in the ‘short squeeze’ of GameStop stock in 2021. (May 31)
  • Italian Studies – Vanessa Kirby stars in Adam Leon’s indie drama about a writer with amnesia in New York City. (May 12)
  • The Valet – Originally intended for theatrical release by Lionsgate, this is an English-language remake of a hit French comedy about an actress who gets a parking valet to pose as her lover to hide an affair she is having with a married man. (May 20)


  • Operation Mincemeat – Another film bypassing theaters (at least in the United States), this historical drama from Shakespeare In Love director John Madden is about a WWII mission to keep plans for the Allied Invasion of Sicily under wraps. The outstanding cast includes Colin Firth, Matthew Macfadyen, Jason Isaacs, and Kelly Macdonald. (May 11)
  • Our Father – This documentary tells the outrageous true story of a fertility doctor from Indianapolis who used his own sperm to impregnate his clients and father at least 50 known children. (May 11)
  • Senior Year – After a stunt gone horribly wrong, a cheerleader (Rebel Wilson) wakes up after 20 years in a coma to revisit her senior year of high school and become prom queen. (May 13)


  • Firestarter – Stephen King’s legendary tale of a young girl with pyrokinetic powers gets the reboot treatment from Blumhouse. (In theaters and streaming on Peacock May 13)
  • The Outfit – Academy Award winner Mark Rylance stars as an expert tailor in this old-school gangster thriller. (May 2)

Prime Video

  • Emergency – Based on an award-winning short film, Carey Williams directs this sharp satire about what happens after some young Black college students come home to find a young, blonde White girl passed out and drunk in their house. The journey to get her to safety without encountering the police leads to a terrifying night. Screenwriter KD Dávila won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award at Sundance this year. (May 20)
  • Respect – Jennifer Hudson stars as Aretha Franklin in this musical biopic based on her life and career. (May 10)
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse – The first animated film in the Spider-Man franchise, this visually stunning adventure won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2019. (May 6)

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