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Breaking Waves: Pantheon 2022, vol 2. – Exploring Days 1-2

Since we covered “Day 0” in an earlier edition of “Breaking Waves”, this volume will focus on cataloguing the many artists featured throughout the rest of the historic weekend that is Pantheon 2022.

In that earlier volume, you will also find information about the promoters–Soul Food Music Collective,, and Human Error–as well as an exclusive interview with YAMA.

Find “Breaking Waves: Pantheon, volume 1” here, if you need to catch yourself up to speed.

If you’re ready, go ahead and read on to learn more about Days 1-2 of the festival.

Pantheon 2022: The Main Festival

North America’s first-ever wave festival, Pantheon 2022, was initially announced on August 22nd, but earlier this week, promoters announced the official day-by-day lineup, including many of the “special guests” they have been teasing for the past few months, like Nick Neutronz and Juche.

The main portion of Pantheon 2022 takes place at Substation in Seattle, WA.

Find tickets for days 1-2 here.

Let’s explore the line-up, shall we?

Pantheon 2022 flyers, compared:

Pantheon 2022 flyer
full line-up flyer
Pantheon 2022 flyer, day 0 and days 1-2
line-up sorted by day

Below, you will find some information on all of the artists featured on days 1-2 of the festival.

They are listed alphabetically and by day for your convenience.

Set times have not yet been released as of the time of this writing.

Friday/Day 1:


ANGEL CANNON’s 2021 EP, Heaven Gen_1, was one of my favorite releases of the year, so I am stoked to be able to catch a show. His newest release, “The Fire”, came out just this past Monday, so be sure to check that out, too, before you head out to Pantheon!

Keep up with ANGEL CANNON through his

Catch up with ANGEL CANNON on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to ANGEL CANNON on SoundCloud:

Altare B2B Bafu

This set was actually one of the few that was teased by promoters well in advance of the show: Soul Food Music Collective dropped this hint by way of including Altare and Bafu’s 2021 collaboration, “Lost”, in with their pre-Pantheon listing guide.

Altare, coming in all the way from Singapore, dropped “Liberty” last month; check it out.

Find Bafu’s newest release, a mix for BBC radio, here.

Follow Altare on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Follow Bafu on social media: Twitter, Instagram. Check out his

Listen to the artists on SoundCloud:

barnacle boi:

Here’s barnacle boi’s bio, as provided on his website:

“Ian Oliver (professionally known as barnacle boi) is an American record producer, DJ, vocalist, and visual artist based on the East Coast. barnacle boi developed his production style during his few years living in Denver, Colorado and has stuck with it ever since. He is known for his original work, as well as his production for artists such as Bones (TeamSESH), Holly Stell, Madi Larson, and more. He has received support and recognition from Alice Glass (former frontwoman of  the well-known electronic duo “Crystal Castles”), Finn Wolfhard of the Netflix series “Stranger Things”, and various other musicians/public figures. Many of barnacle boi’s releases have included remixes of early 90’s/2000’s classic hits such as “All The Things She Said” by tAtU, “Youth of the Nation” by POD, “Crawling” by Linkin Park, “I Miss You” by Blink 182, and more. His style is best described as emotional, yet bass-heavy, nostalgic/atmospheric trap music.”

If you want a hint as for what to expect at a barnacle boi show , I recommend turning to his DEF TV set from earlier this year:

Catch up with barnacle boi on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to barnacle boi on SoundCloud:


Get to know BACKWHEN through his bio, as provided by

“Since starting his musical journey at the young age of 13, BACKWHEN has carved out a unique sound style of his own, incorporating elements and taking inspiration from a wide variety of genres including trap, wave, phonk, synthwave, and pop. His production embodies ethereal melodies and voices, with deep 808s and driving drums.

He was a key part of the early days of modern phonk, being the founder of one of the most influential and widespread phonk projects, PURPLE POSSE.  With unique style, constant output, and extreme versatility, BACKWHEN is one of the most recognized and talented artists the phonk scene has to offer. ”

BACKWHEN’s most recent track, “Distant”, is a collaboration with Watermane; check it out here.

Keep up with BACKWHEN through his

Catch up with BACKWHEN on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to BACKWHEN on SoundCloud:


BL1THE, the founder of the distant memory music collective, is someone whose music I was only recently introduced to.

Thankfully, HE// provided a bio on Twitter:

“BL1THE makes ambient-inspired electronic music, combining elements of witch house, hardwave, trap, and other EDM subgenres. The goal is to create music inspired by love, heartbreak, dreams, pain, and all other experiences that makes us human.”

BL1THE’s most recent track, “broken lie”, came out this October. Stream it here.

Connect with BL1THE through his

Catch up with BL1THE on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to BL1THE on SoundCloud:

Brothel B2B Enjoii

This B2B was the first of many special announcements coming from Human Error prior to the festival.

Unfamiliar with brothel?

Check out this exclusive interview with LOUD so you can become acquainted with this ‘legendary beatmaker’.

Keep up with brothel through his

Catch up with brothel on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to brothel on SoundCloud:

Unfamiliar with enjoii?

Check out this interview with UKF so that you can find stop asking yourself, who the hell is enjoii?’.

Keep up with enjoii through his website.

Catch up with enjoii on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to enjoii on SoundCloud:

Not sure where to start? Find brothel’s latest release, “SOLOMAS”, here.

Find enjoii’s latest, “Two souls” (ft METAEHSH), here.


Get to know Falldren by reading his bio, as posted on Spotify:

“Aldren Pasol was born and raised in San Francisco. From 2015 – 2020 he attended UC Riverside where he was a part of the Deejays & Vinylphiles Club, which is where his deejay and music production career began. While at UCR he co-founded Soul Food Music Collective – the LA based music community founded in 2017. Soul Food prides itself on delivering underground music to a wider, genre diverse audience.

Falldren’s production draws influences from genres such as wave, trap, and bass; in particular RL Grime, Skeler, and Heimanu are sonic influences. Nuclear Fusion, the lead single from his debut EP was supported by artists such as Nero, Deadcrow, and Pauline Herr. In 2022 he saw success with his flip of Flosstradamus- Total Recall being supported by RL Grime in his Halloween XI mix as well his Second Sky set. Falldren’s latest project, Second Destiny EP features his best work yet as he explores a variety of feelings and sonic landscapes using the sounds of wave, trap, and future garage.”

In August, Falldren dropped his Second Destiny EP; in November came the remixed edition. Check them out on Spotify, below:

Keep up with Falldren through his Beacons page.

Catch up with Falldren on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to Falldren on SoundCloud:

Just Connor

If you don’t already know Just Connor… where have you been?

Not only did Soul Food Music Collective tease a recent collab between JC and BACKWHEN in their Pantheon 2022 listening guide, but Just Connor has been around since the start.

He’s an OG.

If you need to get to know JC, here’s a link to our inaugural “Breaking Waves” issue, featuring a brief interview with the producer, as well as an earlier piece further outlining his involvement in the wave scene.

Catch up with Just Connor on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to JC on SoundCloud:


Get to know KTrek by reading his bio, as provided by

“After an explosive first year of launching his musical project, KTrek has harnessed a balance between organic intensity and lush basses. It is of little surprise that his sound is likened most to NERO, as well as both skeler and Juche, who have both supported/mentored his work in the past. KTrek has created 13 tracks, mixing atmospheres between Trap, Wave, and Cyberpunk, all with euphoric in-house vocals for each release. It’s the connection between these four elements that create intense soundscapes that leave you flying towards the future. Tracks like “Omsaya” (released by Trap Nation) give rise to intense emotional overtones, while releases like “exoh” released by Night Mode) evoke powerful organic spaces.”

KTrek’s most recent single, “Ryza”, came out in November via The Wave Stage. Check it out here.

Catch up with KTrek on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to KTrek on SoundCloud:


Get to know M!NGO by reading his bio, as provided by

M!NGO has been enthralling fans with his personal brand of underground bass music ever since he appeared on Plastician’s influential Rinse FM show back in 2016. His adept blending of ethereal soundscapes with weighty sub-bass quickly established him as a mainstay of the wave scene. The Colorado based artist dropped his first full-length EP, ‘M!NGO’, in 2017, receiving huge acclaim. Since then, he has released with several pioneering labels, including Plastician’s Terrorhythm. In March of 2018 Fyoomz ,M!NGO & Djedi created the label know as VIBE.DIGITAL which has allowed them to showcase Artists from around the world.

MINGO’s latest release, ‘PLANET M!NGO’, demonstrates just how far his sensitive craft has taken him. With this release he has managed to surpass his traditional emotional intensity, to create something truly captivating.

‘PLANET M!NGO’ doesn’t seek to simply challenge, but to ensnare. As the composition progresses, the listener is drawn ever-deeper into a murky swamp of psychedelic imagination. Meditative, seductive and punchy as hell, ‘PLANET M!NGO’ is a quintessential example of the thrilling innovation emerging thick and fast from the wave scene.

M!NGO’s most recent release, “Knock’n Doors Down”, droppped in October. Check it out.

Catch up with M!NGO on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to M!NGO on SoundCloud:

Nick Neutronz

I was thrilled to see the last-minute addition of another OG wave artist from my neck of the woods… especially one as notable as Nick Neutronz.

I don’t need to elaborate on how great NNz is right now; here’s a link to all of that.

(In short: wake up, people! Stop sleeping on Nick.)

Be sure to go check out his set if you’re headed to Pantheon this weekend.

Here are some tracks that haven’t left my Spotify “On Repeat” playlists since their release: “North Node“, “Surrender“, “Time Crisis“.

Keep up with Nick Neutronz through their

Catch up with Nick on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to Nick Neutronz on SoundCloud:


I’ll be honest – this is an artist that I am quite excited to see because their inclusion on this line-up is the first time that I’ve ever heard of them.

Their Instagram bio reads, “DnB duo based out of Seattle, WA focusing on audio + visual production”– and that is more-or-less all I found about them online at the time of this writing.

So this set will be a total surprise for me — what a treat!

Their newest release, “Varifocal”, came out on 11/25. Check it out.

Catch up with System.Au on social media: Instagram.

Listen to System.Au on SoundCloud:

Saturday/Day 2


Unfamiliar with Aekae? He might be relatively new to the scene, but he’s making quite the mark–he’s already published tracks with the likes of Trap Nation, Lowly, Liquid Ritual, Interval audio, and others. We will definitely be seeing more of Aekae over the next few years, I am sure of it.

Pantheon 2022 may very well be just the beginning.

Get to know him better by reading his bio, as posted on Spotify:

“Aekae is a 23-year-old producer of Hardwave, Wave, Neotrance, Future Garage, and Neogrime predominantly. Based in Vancouver, Canada, his inspirations include brutalism, the neoy2k visual aesthetic, and modernism (to name a few). Lifelong classical training in piano has bloomed into Aekae’s forward melodic approach in his productions.”

His most recent release is a collaboration with ANGEL CANNON, out through Liquid Ritual. Find a link to “Obsidian” here.

Connect with Aekae through his website.

Catch up with Aekae on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to Aekae on SoundCloud:


C-ZER made his live debut this past summer at Tears in the Club’s inaugural show in Los Angeles. What’s most curious to me about C-ZER is that his style is self-described as “esoteric as fuck club music”.

What does that even mean? I suppose we’ll find out.

Want to get to know C-ZER better? Read his bio, as provided by Tears in the Club on Facebook:

“C-ZER is an up-and-coming multi-genre electronic music producer, specializing in wave and futuristic/cyberpunk style club music. After discovering wave music midway through 2019, C-ZER found himself captivated by the unique and ethereal atmospheres. This led to him experimenting with wave and blending his newly acquired music tastes/production skills with the harsher, bass music inspired sound design he was originally known for. Blending these various styles, he aims to re-imagine nostalgia into a modern context that both older and younger audiences can relate (and party) to.”

Check out his most recent release, “The State”, here.

Keep up with C-ZER through his

Catch up with C-ZER on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to C-ZER on SoundCloud:

Djedi B2B Juche

One of my favorite Pantheon moments so far was honestly this sweet exchange between Djedi and Juche on Twitter earlier today:


Need to get to know Djedi?

Check out his bio, as provided by Human Error on Twitter:

“With over 12+ years of experience throwing down at clubs and festivals worldwide, Djedi has become a crux of the wave scene, touring with the likes of Deadcrow, Skeler, and operating the wave label and talent agency known as”

Additionally, this is what Kompass mgmt had to say:

“Since [the founding of in 2018], he has been at the forefront of bringing the underground genre of “Wave” to the United States via label releases, live events, and touring his roster nationally and internationally.

With an ear for under represented high-level talent, Brett [will] continue his work [at Kompass], supporting artists he believes in and bringing them to new heights.”

Connect with Djedi on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to Djedi on SoundCloud:

Need a refresher on Juche?

Check out his bio, as provided by

“Juche is a Spanish wave producer based in Switzerland. He started making music in 2012, mainly influenced by Trance, Hard Dance, and French electronic music. In 2017, he launched the Juche project, debuting in the wave scene.

From that day, Juche, real name Ismael, mixed his music influences, inspired by sci-fi & modern arts, bringing a futuristic sound. In 2019, he released his ”Future Love Story” album debut with

Juche has been followed and supported by many artists across the electronic scene, such as Porter Robinson, RL Grime, Uppermost and many more.”

It’s also worth mentioning that Juche released the prologue EP to his renowned 2019 album, Future Love Story, and was among the wave artists featured at Liquid Ritual’s ADE showcase this year. It’s been an incredible journey for him.

Catch up with Juche on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to Juche on SoundCloud:


Need to get acquainted with Dyzphoria before the show? Check out this interview he did with NinetoFive last year, in which he “Breaks Down Why Wave Is Its Own Genre.”.

Check out his most recent release, a lost project from 2018, “Underwater Flyzone”, here.

Connect with Dyzphoria through his website.

Catch up with Dyzphoria on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to Dyzphoria on SoundCloud:


Eastghost introduces himself on Facebook as such:

“I’m an American electronic music producer, Identifiable by the alias EASTGHOST.

Music is my calling in life and I’ve dedicated my whole self to perfecting my craft & blooming as an artist professionally. I am one piece of an internet based music collective centered in Portland, Oregon known as #STYLSS (Stop Taking Your Life So Seriously), learn more about our vision @

His most recent release, “END-LE77”, came out in November via Phuture Collective. Check it out here.

Stay up to date on all things Eastghost via his

Connect with Eastghost on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to Eastghost on SoundCloud:


Need to get acquainted with Gladkill? Check out his bio, as posted on Spotify:

“Refusing to stick to the comfort of one musical genre, Gladkill has rewarded audiences through the sheer diversity of his compositions, as he deftly moves between dominating dance floors with his sultry, bass-heavy club sounds, to captivating home stereo speakers with more downtempo and melodic material.

With over 10 years of extensive touring and releases, Gladkill has risen to legacy artist status with a diverse catalog that spans over several genres, flavors and interpretations of the melodic bass sound he has helped pioneer. With the release of his sophomore album ‘Ossuary’ in 2021 and several exciting releases coming in 2022, Gladkill continues to deliver thoughtful, progressive music that is sure to stand the test of time.”

His most recent release, “Hold You Up”, came out in November. Check it out here.

Keep up with Gladkill through his website.

Connect with Gladkill on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to Gladkill on SoundCloud:


Information about the self-proclaimed “synth prince” is a bit elusive online, but his should be a familiar name for most of us by now– after all, Kavern has been releasing music since 2015, and is another one of the OG wave artists that’s featured on the Pantheon 2022 line-up.

Check out his most recent release, “Losing Control”, here.

Keep up with Kavern through his

Connect with Kavern on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to Kavern on SoundCloud:

Noah B

Similarly, Noah B is another OG name from the NYC scene that many of you should already be familiar with. If not, check out his bio, as provided by

“Noah B, one of New York’s many niche talents, dropped his first album ‘2 0 8 0 8’ back in 2014. The debut received praise from underground electronic fans globally and propelled him to fame on digital platforms such as Soundcloud and Bandcamp. In 2016, Noah B’s mark on the downtempo scene became even more momentous, with the release of his ‘Night’s Edge’ E.P. on the seminal Terrorhythm recordings.

Polished and unapologetically glacial, Noah’s optimistic style evades categorization but has been closely linked to the emerging Wave movement. His latest release, ‘South Hills’, demonstrates the breadth of his ability to craft sensitive soundscapes.”

Check out Noah’s latest EP, Paramnesia, on Spotify here.

Keep up with Noah B through his

Catch up with Noah B on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to Noah B on SoundCloud:

RamonPang B2B w/out

This B2B is another set that was teased in Soul Food’s listening guide by way of including w/out’s 2021 remix of RamonPang’s “Students”.

Both artists’ hype was contagious–even three months in advance.

I mean, just look at these cute announcements:

Definitely not one to miss.

Find RamonPang’s newest release, “No Internet” (and its remixes) here.

Check out w/out’s latest EP, On Ephemeral Wings, here.

Connect with RamonPang on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Find w/out on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to RamonPang on Soundcloud:

Listen to w/out on SoundCloud


Need to get to know REMNANT.exe? Read about him in his bio, as provided by

“REMNANT.exe’s sound features heavy bass foundations with dark melodic overtones, both reminiscent of the analogue sounds of the 1980s, and prescient of our inevitable technology controlled future. Some call his genre Wave, Glitch, Space Music, or Trap, but regardless, REMNANT.exe has cemented himself as a pillar in electronic music who brings together a wide range of influences. With support from labels like Sable Valley,, and Terrorhythm, as well as names like RL Grime, Alison Wonderland, Plastician, Skeler, Deadcrow, and Heimanu, REMNANT.exe will be here vibing with fans worldwide.”

Find REMNANT.exe’s latest release, “Jovian”, here. Find his latest EP, Source Code, via Ophelia Records back in April, here.

Connect with REMNANT.exe through his website

Catch up with REMNANT.exe on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to REMNANT.exe on SoundCloud:

Tako Tomago

Get to know Tako Tomago before the show by reading his bio, as provided by Tears In The Club:

“The worlds of post-modern RnB and Wave have found a hero in Tako Tomago- a producer, singer and songwriter residing in Los Angeles, California. Storytelling and haunting vocals set Tako apart from other producers and DJs as he paves his way in music, gaining support from electronic labels such as Liquid Ritual and The Wave Stage (where his two track ‘Shima’ EP charted Top 10 on Beatport’s Trap/Wave Genre for multiple consecutive weeks).

Tako’s upcoming performances at Tears In The Club and Pantheon sets the stage for his biggest year in 2023, with the introduction of a new live show and arrival of the anticipated follow up to Shades Of Blue and Jonathan. For fans of classic Trance anthems, experimental R&B, or Flume’s unique take on Future Beats to name a few, Tako Tomago is here to explore the reaches of bass music and make you feel.”

Find Tako Tomago’s latest release, “Nacre”, here. Check out his 2021 LP, Jonathan, here.

Connect with Tako Tomago on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to Tako Tomago on SoundCloud:


Learn about WEVLTH by reading their bio, as provided by

WEVLTH is a collaboration between Insight and Fortuna, two ambitious young artists hailing from Queens, New York. For fans of emotive electronic music, WEVLTH have been a household name since 2015. Their innovative strain of bass music initially earned them a following on the popular music sharing platform SoundCloud.

They have subsequently released over 50 songs all off their own back, many of which with plays over 100k and totaling in the millions. With all this in their repertoire and much more in the pipeline, WEVLTH are poised to make a positive impact on the bass music scene.

Check out their October 19th single, “Never Let Go”. here.

Keep up with WELVTH through their

Catch up with WELVTH on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to WELVTH on SoundCloud:


If you want to get to know YAMA before the event, check out these two chats we had in past issues of “Breaking Waves”: his October profile, and in Day 0’s coverage.

Additionally, here is YAMA’s bio, as provided by Human Error:

“Head of Seattle’s Human Error// collective and with support from the likes of Plastician, Eastghost, Brothel and more, Yama stands firmly at the forefront of the North American wave scene with his icy and aquatic take on melodic bass music.”

Check out YAMA’s most recent release, “MIZU”, here.

Catch up with YAMA on social media: Twitter, Instagram.

Listen to YAMA on SoundCloud:

You see, Pantheon 2022 isn’t a historic event just because of the sheer size of it– but because this event is a true showcase of what the wave scene has to offer.

From the OGs to the newcomers, from the hardwave aficionados to the softwave devotees, to those who overlap with–but may not completely resonate with–the wave genre label…

And everyone in between–

Pantheon is representative of it all.

This festival demonstrates that wave truly is for every kind of listener.

This event can also be considered historic because it marks the first time so many of these people are together at one cohesive event; this may be the only time that some of these folks appear on a line-up together.

At least, that’s what the vibe some attendees seem to have at this point in time.

If it’s true, then perhaps it’ll be makes Pantheon 2022 even more special.

I hope to see you there.

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