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Breaking Waves: Another Great Week for the Electronic Underground

2023 has been off to an incredible start, and it’s all thanks to the electronic underground. On New Year’s, we saw UFO.Wave drop their first mixtape; last weekend, we saw Cyberwave Collective‘s annual winter festival go live on Twitch. And now, we got some powerful new singles coming from the likes of MAYKO and Nick Neutronz. If only time could slow down a little so we can take it all in!

Because trust me when I say that this is a pair of singles that you will want to take some time with.

Let’s dive in.

A Week in Underground Hits: MAYKO & Nick Neutronz

Getting new music this week from two of the artists who were part of what made 2022 so special was an incredible treat.

MAYKO released his uplifting new single, “YOU GOT IT” on Wednesday, January 18th. The next day, Nick Neutronz hit us with his collaboration with NY-based hip=hop artist Nick-E, “Grind”. Both are perfect to sit down and think with, but for slightly different reasons.

Stream MAYKO’s “YOU GOT IT” on Spotify:

MAYKO’s new single is notably different from his last two.

Instead of being some sort of beautiful chaos, this one has a sense of calmness to it that is almost addictive to listen to…. and that’s coming from someone who’s defining album is literally called we surround ourselves with chaos. But I said what I said. I can’t stop listening to this one. It brings me peace amid the chaos.

It reminds me a bit of NNz’s “North Node” in that regard.

I think it’s because the calmness found here in MAYKO’s track is rooted in something we all strive for: innate self-confidence. (It helps that the vocal loop is literally telling listeners “you got it” over and over again, which is always reassuring to hear).

But the way that MAYKO builds these gorgeous, contemplative melodies in the background that ebb and flow and wash over you while you listen is what really sells it for me, personally.

MAYKO tells a bit of the song’s origin story on social media.

Check out the Twitter thread below. It’s well worth a read.

About MAYKO:

“MAYKO creates electronic compositions that focus on allowing the listener to deal with the emotions they have kept inside for too long.

Born Michael Gould, MAYKO is a leader in the San Diego bass community and beyond as he is in high demand for his production, sound design, and music theory lessons. A maestro in the studio, he has built his own dojo after building a name for himself at Elevation Studios his audio engineering prowess.

His groundbreaking music has received support from artists such as RL Grime, Alison Wonderland, Code: Pandorum, Deadcrow, Heimanu, Oddprophet, Ace Aura, Hex Cougar, Gladez, Jon Casey, Juelz, Rossy Kate and LAXX. He has performed alongside ARMNHMR, K?d, Luca Lush, Ghastly, Hex Cougar, TVBOO, Yetep, REMNANT.exe, and Eastghost.”

-Spotify bio

Get back on your “Grind” with Nick and Nick-E

Speaking of “North Node“, now might be a good time to bring up Nick Neutronz’s latest track, “Grind”.

Similar to MAYKO’s track, “Grind” is also drenched in contemplation and determination–albeit in a different way. This song is just as likely to get stuck in your head, too, but it’s better suited for when you’re feeling a bit more…

Resigned, let’s say.

Check “Grind” out on Spotify, below.

“Grind” is tinged with sadness, but in this fucked-up, sort of comforting way? If that makes sense.

This song appeals to that overworked, burnt out part of us and offers a grim smile and knowing nod. It sees us. It has these undercurrents of determination that overrule that sense of resignation–much like those moments of solidarity can help us get through our moments of self-doubt, even when the grind has really got us beat down.

There’s this muffled quality to parts of the track that add to this feeling of being stuck on the grind, too–

That, or I’m reading way too much into this and should really take a vacation soon.

Either way, this is another great track from Nick Neutronz, and I think you should all take a listen.

Get to know Nick2:

About Nick Neutronz:

“Nick Neutronz trains Qigong, piano, and turntablism when not chasing the high of creating with sound. NNz merges soundscapes inspired by metaphysics, spirit, and space with the low end of the street and club, a mission statement dubbed “terraform.” Releases with Terrorhythm, Vibe Digital, Yume, Accidental Poet, remixes for The Orb, and production for Eminem, Styles P, Jim Jones, and unreleased songs and sessions with Lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar help tell the story of this wandering hermit.”

– Spotify bio

About Nick-E:

“Nick-E is a fresh new artist from New York City whose catchy hip-hop tracks span a range of inspiration from artists like Mac Miller, Eminem and Lil Skies, to Blink-182. Born in the late-90’s, Nick-E is a product of the turn of the millennium, and began writing and recording music at 12 years old. Recently, Nick-E released his Love & Heartbreak EP on all streaming platforms, as well as, other singles, including his recent hits, “Get Well Soon” and “Keep a Smile.” Nick-E looks forward to staying true to himself, and to never stop pushing himself to create the best music he can while changing the world, as well as, the hearts and minds of his fans.”

– truncated Spotify bio

Can’t get enough MAYKO or Nick Neutronz?

Us either.

While we wait to see what the rest of 2023 has in store for these two phenomenal artists, check out some of our past interviews, including ones with both MAYKO and Nick Neutronz.

In order to stay up to date, make sure you’re following the artists on social media as well–

MAYKO: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Nick Neutronz: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Nick-E: Twitter | Instagram

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