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Breaking Waves: Where’s Skeler?! [Spoiler: It’s Red Rocks!]

Take a seat, Djedi– we’re all a “proud wavedad” today.

After all, this announcement from one of the scene’s favorite artist-slash-managers is kind of a huge moment for all of us in the wave music community… because earlier today, it was revealed that Skeler will be making his Red Rocks debut! 

Read on to find all the details about this wavy edition of ‘Rezz Rocks’.

Skeler makes his Red Rocks debut:

Rezz Rocks V flyer with Skeler announcement sourced from Twitter

Full support for “Rezz Rocks V” has been unveiled…

According to 9News in December of last year, originally, “Rezz Rocks V” was going to encompass just one day, September 1st. It featured a handful of the current support artists– Ivy Lab, Esseks, ROSSY, and isqa. This first date sold out so quickly that they later added a second date, August 31st.

This second date is the one Skeler will be playing, as announced earlier today.

Tickets for Skeler’s debut Red Rocks show can be found on AXS, linked here. As of this morning, limited tickets remained. 

Wave Music History: Skeler at Red Rocks is a HUGE deal. 

This announcement marks the second time a wave artist has been booked at Red Rocks, if memory serves. The first time this happened was in the summer of 2022, when barnacle boi opened for ZHU. That show was on November 12th, 2022

Red Rocks is one of those “dream venues” for artists in the electronic music space; it’s honestly no surprise, considering the history–the vibe–and the sheer beauty of it. If anything, the otherworldly landscape and general ambiance is perfect for the atmospheric soundscapes that wave music is known for. 

All of it combined would create an experience like no other.

(c) @marcbjorn on Unsplash

Skeler’s Red Rocks debut isn’t necessarily a surprise, either. The general vibe leaving the inaugural Ever Eternal show last weekend was a sense of ‘this is only the beginning!’

In other words, if the wave music community can take over The Black Box, another “dream venue”, then it’s only a matter of time before wave music becomes a fixture at Red Rocks, too.

This Skeler announcement coming less than 48 hours after such a successful wave event in the area is confirmation of that sentiment. 

After all, YAMA said it best at Pantheon: “Wave is a motherfucken movement!”

I’m sure this trend of wave artists performing at Red Rocks will continue; we can only hope to see some proper wavy headliners, too, rather than “just” having to rely on Skeler to open for something like “Rezz Rocks V”.

Don’t get me wrong. Rezz is great in her own right, and it’s still Skeler at Red Rocks.

This is incredible.

But– real talk?

Can you imagine a lineup like deadcrow, Juche, REMNANT.exe, Just Connor, and perhaps a certain aforementioned ‘wave dad’ at Red Rocks by the summer? Or maybe by next year? 

Because I can. 

Pairing international ‘superstars’, who get recognized on the street in Denver, with historical figures and talented local artists, would create an event that would entice wave fans from all over the world to show up. It’s just fact. The wave scene is full of passionate people who would stop at nothing to witness such a historic event.

At the very least, we can keep our fingers crossed that more wave music will be announced at Red Rocks soon… regardless of how, or what form it takes.

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