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Semaphore’s New Album ‘I Need a Reason to Stay’ Drops in March

The Brooklyn-based quartet, Semaphore, is poised to unleash its new album, I Need a Reason to Stay, on March 24th. They’re giving us a sneak peek of the release with their lead single, “Smother.” Comprised of singer and guitarist Siddhu Anandalingam, drummer Emmett Ceglia, guitarist Jay Kohler, and bassist Niko Hasapopoulos, the band explores the complexities of modern life through its signature shoegaze-inspired sound.

Photo Credit: ​​Adam LaMothe

Anandalingam shares that “Smother” tackles anxiety and uncertainty, exploring the human experience of not knowing one’s purpose in life. With influences from Foo Fighters and Balance and Composure, the singer experiments with sitar-like tuning to add a unique touch to the song.

Check Out The Video For “Smother”

The accompanying music video, directed by George Ivanoff, takes inspiration from the old YouTube “Try Not to Laugh Challenge” videos. The end result feels more like a “Try to Feel Anything Challenge.” The band comments on the current state of media and how artists are expected to create disposable content. Semaphore aims to differentiate itself by creating art that truly touches its audience.

Semaphore, founded in 2013 by Anandalingam, made its debut with “All Too Robot” in 2016. On the release, they blended shoegaze, post-hardcore, and classical music. The band acknowledges its reputation as “sad boys singing for sad boys” but seeks to reach its audience with an emotional connection. With “I Need a Reason to Stay,” Semaphore is set to continue its mission of pushing boundaries and creating music that resonates.

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