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A Not-so-New Voice in Wave: A Chat with BerserkerCrux on “The Blood” & More

“Wave is a dynamic community full of inspiration… Wave is a Movement. Wave is going somewhere.”


Please note: sections of this article have been edited and/or removed at the request of UFO.wave Collective, with interviewee’s knowledge & consent (10/29/2023).

A not-so-new voice in wave music, BerserkerCrux, just put out his first track, “The Blood”.

In this article, you will find an interview with the artist in which we discuss the decision BC made to ‘finally’ release music, as well as the process behind this release, his plans for 2023, and more–

Read on!

Introducing… BerserkerCrux:

Check out BerserkerCrux’s debut, “The Blood”:

Feeling emo?

“The Blood” has this moody, brooding sort of quality to it that’s perfect for these few gloomy March days we have left before spring fully hits. The song is a slow build, but a satisfying one.

Ready your place by the windowsill, and get ready to stare out it, all forlorn-like.

A Chat with BerserkerCrux

Ambur Masen, MendoWerks: Thank you so much for joining us. Could you please introduce yourself to our MendoWerks readers? 

BerserkerCrux: I’m BerserkerCrux, but you all can call me Chase.

AM: So tell me about “The Blood”– what about this song screamed “my first release” to you?

BerserkerCrux: “The Blood” is a track that I’ve revisited 4 times [before its release], and this time, it just had an amazing flow I had never captured before.

It’s one of my older tracks, so it’s not as robust as my newer stuff, like “Feelings”, but it’s definitely my sound. The night me and JewelzUFO were discussing it, it just felt right. 

My emotions were warm and I just felt like I made something special. 

AM: You’ve been a loud supporter of the wave scene for a long time–you’re bound to be familiar with all the different collectives and labels. Why go with [redacted]? What makes them special?

BerserkerCrux: You can blame Kaskit for my link up with [that record label], [laughs]. 

I had made a track called “Numbers” months ago and that was the track that put me in the lane I’m in now. Kaskit took the track and submitted it for a vote over at [the label], and most of the guys saw talent and gave me a chance.

So, here I am with guys and gals who bend over backwards to help me develop BC into what it is today! They are all so wonderful. I have learned so much from each of them.

AM: What was it like participating in your first season of Yama’s War Dubs? 

BerserkerCrux: I was scared I wasn’t going to meet the deadline!

I had never made a track in 24hr before, so it really pushed me as a new artist. And it was fun, for real.

I’m really happy with “Feelings”. It’s definitely the direction I’m going in. Wait ‘till you hear “Tonight”! [laughs]

AM: We can’t wait. So–who are your biggest musical inspirations? 

BerserkerCrux: I cannot possibly answer that. The wave scene is bursting at the seams with artists that inspire me every day!  However, softwave is where I’m staying, and my inspiration definitely lies with those OG artists, like PEARLWHITE and Øfdream! 

I have a lot of collaborations in the works, and I think ya’ll are gonna dig me and PEARLWHITE’s track.

AM: Now that you have your first track out, what’s your next goal? What do you want most out of 2023?

BerserkerCrux: My goal is to develop. Get my fanlink up, and release at least once a month. I have a lot of tracks saved up, and all this will probably take place more-so this summer, so I can develop my sound and marketing better. 

I’m really excited to add more emotional softwave into the scene again, like Backwhen and Open Ocean are doing. Though, my music is more airy–and dark.

AM: Lastly–this column’s foundational question… What does wave mean to you? 

BerserkerCrux: What does wave mean to me?! Psh, Wave is a way of life. It has been my life for 9 years. My heart pumps wave. It fills my lungs and mind. 

Wave is a dynamic community full of inspiration. Everyone is so kind in the scene, and I love each of you with my whole heart for putting up with me all these years [laughs].  Wave is a movement. Wave is going somewhere.  

Like Fyoomz says, “Everyone is a wave fan, they just don’t know it yet!”

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