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Breaking Waves: Fyoomz & “Invisible Touch”

“Wave exists in the collective subconscious of every avid electronic music fan. People who take an active interest in Wave are among those same fans, except they’re awake.” — Donald // Fyoomz 🌊🌊🌊 (@fyoomz) April 12, 2022


It was my lucky day on Tuesday. When I woke up, feeling well enough to write, I found a new Fyoomz drop–all at once!!

And let me tell you—“Invisible Touch” is a whole vibe. It kept me going literally all day. You should check it out, especially if you need an intense pick-me-up. It’s all that and more.

Describing the track on SoundCloud, Fyoomz says, “This is my take on a classic trance tune from Bobina and Ferry Corsten. I have been fantasizing about making this tune for a long while now. Hope you enjoy!”

Well, I know I most certainly did!

Curious about the source material?

To say that I’m excited to be doing this issue of Breaking Waves about Fyoomz would be an understatement. And that’s because I honestly got into wave music hugely due to (reruns) of’s Twitch streams.

Being one of the founders of, Fyoomz is a major part of the wave story.

Both in the bigger picture, and in my own.

Meet Fyoomz:

“A self-taught musician and one of the early pioneers of the Wave genre, “Papa” Fyoomz has established his own darker style within Wave, influenced by Deep Dubstep, DnB, and other fellow Wave artists.

In 2017, Fyoomz founded as a radio show on KRUI, 100.1 FM in Iowa City, Iowa, focusing on the Wave scene and its related artists. The support for the show was enormous, both in social media shares and in artists from around the world submitting music to get plays. After careful deliberation, Fyoomz turned into a record label in conjunction with Djedi and M!NGO. Now he is A&R and co-founder of “ Recordings,” a forward thinking platform created around forming global interpersonal connections through music and art.

In 2020, his remake/cover of ‘Deadmau5 – Faxing Berlin’ was signed by Play Records, the label that released the original song. It is one of 4 tracks that round out his debut “Fyoomz EP,” an optimistic take on Wave during the uncertainty of the pandemic, bringing the Wave sound to one of Canada’s leading electronic music labels.

Expect tour dates around the USA, and a return to a darker, more cinematic sound, with experiments in bass synthesis for his “Predetermination EP,” due out in 2022.” (Spotify biography)

One of my favorite things about Fyoomz is how passionate about the scene and its development he is. It’s apparent in the interview we did with him back when celebrated its 100th podcast episode and in this article he wrote for FUXWITHIT.

The dude has always been 100% about the community–all three of them at, really.

Reminiscing About the Early Wave Days…

“[…] I remember it like it was yesterday. Plastician would put out the call on his socials to send him a SoundCloud DM with new beats for him to play out. The peeps who messaged him were mostly a bunch of kids and early 20-somethings, responding from their bedrooms, on their laptops, with pirated copies of audio software and the Lex Lugar sound pack, making beats. They didn’t make them for the club (they probably hadn’t set foot in a club in their life), they made beats for themselves and their peers, and it was a time of splendor on SoundCloud. On Rinse, Plastician would transition to these tunes that were usually made without a DJ intro, and he often referred to them as “wavy bits.” […]”

Fyoomz, at FUXWITHIT.

In his article, Fyoomz gives a great history lesson. He also provides valuable insight into what it was like in those early wave days from a couple different viewpoints. I highly recommend you give it a read. So, here’s that link again. There is no better resource than firsthand accounts. Instead of summarizing it for you, I really do think it’s important for you to read it yourself if you want a better understanding of the scene and how wave music came to be.

Until next time.

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