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Sub Urban Releases Provocative New Video For “Bandit”

Sub Urban has released a new video for “Bandit”. The standout track is featured on his new album Hive. Anticipation for the album drop had been building and Sub Urban didn’t disappoint. After all, he’s earned over a billion streams and YouTube views on his songs and videos, all without ever having released a full-length album.

Sure, music gets released a little differently these days with many artists focusing on single releases and EPs. However, in this writer’s opinion, a full-length album gives a musician a full canvas to paint on. And that’s exactly what Sub Urban has done with Hive. An ‘intricately arranged vaudevillian thriller’ is the best way to describe it.

In other words, if you’re looking for a collection of light-hearted pop songs, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you’re searching out complex songs with depth and deeper meaning then have a seat and enjoy the ride.

Let’s Discuss Sub Urban’s “Bandit” Video

The music video for “Bandit” opens with the sound of a flamenco guitar. Sub Urban begins his trippy western adventure appearing desperate for food. A pot of boiling water is over the fire and he struggles to cut open the ‘fruit’ he has found.

He messily pounds some water and is able to eat before vomiting onto the dry desert sand. From there, his psychedelic adventure begins. Western garb is instantly traded for black leather and a collection of interesting characters appears out of nowhere. But what is real, anyway? A person in a strange mask appears on horseback and then a chase ensues. We’ll let you experience the rest for yourself, wouldn’t want to give too much away.

Sub Urban has embraced elements of classic horror movies in his videos while carving out his own style. And it’s quite refreshing. It’s a vibe he’s embraced in the music videos leading up to Hive’s release with “Inferno“, “Paramour” and “Uh Oh“. As for the evolution in his craft, he had this to say.

My sound has shifted and grown with me over the course of this past year and a half but to be honest, I feel like it’s what I should have done immediately after ‘Cradles.’ However, having taken all that time, I’m more certain in my sound than ever before.

-Sub Urban

Visit Sub Urban’s website, Twitter, and Instagram for any upcoming updates. Let’s hope for another tour announcement sometime soon.

Tracklist: Hive

  3. PARAMOUR” (feat. AURORA)
  4. UH OH (feat. BENEE)
  8. INFERNO (feat. Bella Poarch)
  10. HEDON

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