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FUTURA X is bringing WAVERUNNERS to Dallas

One of the most exciting things happening in wave music right now is a little group called FUTURA X. And no, I don’t just mean their upcoming WAVERUNNERS event that’s scheduled for this weekend.

Though, let’s be honest… that show is going to be amazing.

Introducing: FUTURA X

Based in Dallas, FUTURA X is responsible for hosting some of the most impeccable wave events in the United States. This wave music collective curates uniquely diverse lineups for each event that they put on. They have even collaborated with other passionate wave music superpromoters like Tears in the Club and on some occasions, including the recent skeler tour stop in Dallas. Bolstering wave community seems to be FUTURA X’s primary goal, and I would definitely say that they are accomplishing it.

I mean, let’s be real. For a group that’s not even been around for a year yet, they have certainly been putting in the work, showcasing quite a number of note-worthy artists from around the world as well as from their local community in Texas.

They even make a point to provide some of that great ol’ southern hospitality, as you will learn below.

Lineups so good that they almost make me wish I lived in Texas.


On Saturday, June 22nd, FUTURA X is bringing WAVERUNNERS to RBC Deep Ellum in Dallas, TX. This incredible night of music features several notable artists from all around the wave music scene as well as an extra-special guest: renowned London-based VJ, Chris Speed (CSV). Attendees will be treated to not only world-class visuals from both CSV and UnKnow-N, but they will also have the opportunity to hear sets from hyperforms, Nick Neutronz, xala b2b Lorize, and others.

You can get your tickets for WAVERUNNERS here.

In light of this upcoming show, we asked FUTURA X about their work, and if they would like to share a few words about WAVERUNNERS.

Here’s what they had to say:

“We’re beyond thrilled to give wave a platform in Texas. Looking forward to seeing what our artists bring, and getting to experience the music we love with our local wave gang. Very proud of this growing community & helping give life to the underground. One of our favorite FUTURA X family traditions is spending time with the artists off the decks. We’ll be giving hyperforms, Nick Neutronz & Lorize the full Dallas experience — exploring the city’s hidden gems and (of course) some authentic Texas BBQ.

This show holds special significance as another installment in the ongoing collaboration between FUTURA X and Tears in the Club — dedicated to showcasing talented wave artists from across the country and the globe. Our partnership aims to set a precedent: inspiring other event organizers to follow suit by going above & beyond for traveling artists, fostering a supportive ecosystem for creative talent to thrive.”


It’s obvious that FUTURA X is putting their all into creating this cozy community that they describe here. This is a group who is finally willing to give so many deserving artists a chance to do live gigs. They even make sure to credit all of the media workers they partner with, which isn’t nearly as common of a practice as it should be. Just peek at their social media posts and their flyers. Generally, everyone involved is highlighted at one point or another, and it is refreshing to see a group that actually cares about stuff like that.

It’s the little things, I suppose.

While the winner may already be selected by the time you see this, FUTURA X is doing a ticket giveaway for this event. Take a look at their Instagram for the details. Good luck to all entrants!

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