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John Conlin is Giving Electropop Heartbreak in “I Die Again”

Boy, do we have a treat for you, dear readers – electropop artist John Conlin released a new single today. If this latest season of Bridgerton isn’t getting you deep enough into your feels, then perhaps a few spins of “I Die Again” will.

Or, at the very least, this song will get you up and dancing.

And who couldn’t use a little more dancing in their lives right now?

In short, listening to this song is a good way to let yourself feel sad and dance it off.

All About “I Die Again” by John Conlin

Despite being a song about heartbreak, “I Die Again” is, putting it simply, quite fun.

One thing that really stood out after our initial listen is that through the delivery of his vocals, Conlin seems to relish in his pain, but shows no intentions of wallowing in it. Instead, he uses the pain as fuel for his inspiration – a sacrifice to the Muses – and releases it through song and dance. His voice is powerful and emotive throughout, yet the catchiness of the song is not lost in that emotion. This one is a real earworm, and a very pleasant one at that.

The lore behind the song, however, is anything but fun.

If you have ever pursued a short-lived romantic entanglement with a core member of your social circle, then you understand the unique kind of pain that served as inspiration for this song.

For lucky readers who have not experienced this, then pay close attention to the lyrics while you listen. You can even read along by watching the embedded YouTube video below.

And… for those of you who got lost in the massive synths despite Conlin’s massive vocals, let us try to explain the situation.

You meet someone, perhaps through a mutual friend, and you decide to try things out. It goes well, and after a while, you find yourself ready to settle down and enter a capital-R Relationship with this person. It feels good, especially knowing that all your friends already approve of your new partner. (After all, how could they not? They came from the friend group!)

But then, you realize that they moved on without you.

And they’re in the friend group… so you see them all the time.

Your new ex.

The one you saw a future with.

Devastating, innit?

Almost like you ‘die’ a little every time you cross paths.

Get to know John Conlin

photo provided by Unleashed Music.

“I feel like I found my sound this year and can’t wait to unveil it to the world.”

About John Conlin: “Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Conlin’s musical journey began with a singular vision – to document the human condition through the power of song.  He was just four years old when he learned how to play the piano and it wasn’t long before he began drifting away from the notes on the page to create his own compositions. […] Conlin’s music is a celebration of hope, an auditory testament to the belief that brighter days are just within reach. His songs are more than just an invitation to dance; they are a reminder that, even in the darkest moments, a glimmer of light can always be found…”

(You can find John Conlin’s full biography on his website).

Regarding the new song, John Conlin shared: ‘I Die Again’ captures the raw and painful emotions of heartbreak and lingering love. Through catchy melodies and evocative lyrics, this song paints a vivid picture of the struggle to move on while being constantly pulled back into the memories of what once was.”

If you’re curious about his personal muses for “I Die Again,” then you’re in luck – John Conlin put together an ‘inspo’ playlist on Spotify just for you. Among them are MUNA, Chappell Roan, ABBA, and the heartbreak queen herself, Taylor Swift. Stream it below.

If you enjoyed his new single, then you’ll enjoy this news: John Conlin is nearly finished with a full-length album. Keep an eye out for updates. You won’t want to miss it!

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