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Release Radar’s Greatest Hits Vol 2: Acoustic Feels with King Leer & Cassyette

Vol 2: “cellophane” by King Leer & “Petrichor (Stripped)” by Cassyette

I don’t know about you, but this time of year always makes me feel a bit blue. Whether it’s the cold weather, overcast skies, or stubborn seasonal affective disorder–something about this time of year is just heavy. With that in mind, this week we’re slowing things down with two tracks that are guaranteed to get you in your feels: the bittersweet, acoustic bop, “cellophane” by King Leer & the haunting, stripped-down version of “Petrichor” by Cassyette.

Let’s dive in.

King Leer & “cellophane”

Adding an upbeat swing to what’s got to be one of the most optimistically depressing songs, King Leer tackles some big feelings in his latest release, “cellophane.” This song clearly demonstrates the artist’s love of language and his master-level lyricism from top to bottom. It makes my little creative writing degree-holding heart so warm– I just had to keep listening to it over and over again until I exhausted my need to analyze it as if it was a novel or something. The track follows consistent, extended metaphors and is full of gorgeous imagery…

I could go on and on.

While eerily and accurately describing how it feels to go through seasonal depression (at least to me), King Leer still manages to keep an upbeat, hopeful tone through his well-layered instrumentals. By the end of it, the music is almost danceable, celebratory. It’s the perfect mix of acknowledgement of one’s pain and suffering yet still having the determination to get through it, even if it feels like it’s suffocating you.

If I could go back in time, I probably would have found a way to write a full on essay about this song because it’s simply so well-crafted; it’s worthy of that level of nerdy attention.

About “cellophane”:

Meet King Leer:

King Leer may be a new name in the indie game, but the man behind the music, Joshua Perna, is no stranger to creating great music. He amassed a decade of experience filling many roles (singer-songwriter-producer-instrumentalist+) in many genres (metalcore-alt rock-dark pop-folk+) before embarking on this acoustic journey. His sound is hard to define: it’s complex, beautifully layered, “upbeat-yet-still-heart-wrenching”… and always catchy.

From an interview with

“I think the best thing you can ask anyone is “what are you excited about right now?” That applies to interviews but also to every day interactions; it’s the one thing every person really wants to talk about: the thing about which they’re most excited. Luckily for us, I’m most excited about being King Leer, right now.”

I can’t wait to see what’s next for King Leer.

For now, I’ll settle for the the new EP he’s releasing with his rock band, Saint Slumber: how to lose your self.

Mark your calendars. December 17th is guaranteed to be a great day.

In the meantime, check out the rest of what King Leer has released on Spotify, including a new single, “White Christmas”:

Keep in Touch with King Leer

Cassyette & “Petrichor (Stripped)”

“petrichor: a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.”

– Google

Cassyette’s stripped-down version of “Petrichor”, despite being an acoustic rendition, is still full of the same raw, undiluted power as the original (see below). While the original version is full of battle-ready fire, this stripped-down version has this sense of ominous acquiescence to it. Honestly, I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t literally cry when I heard this version for the first time.

Listening to them back-to-back, there’s almost a “before and after” change in mood between the two versions. An explosion versus a slow burn. In the original, it feels like the speaker is ready to be ‘reborn’ at any cost–fight off the storm herself, if necessary. Whereas, in the stripped version, it’s clear the speaker has been stuck weathering the storm for a while–but with a final “Hail Mary” her sleeve, if she needs. In the end, both are about surviving and making it to the other side.

It’s awesome how versatile and well-rounded Cassyette’s sound is; she could adapt a single song to any mood and come out with a hit, I’m sure of it.

You will not forget “Petrichor” anytime soon; I will say, though, that this new version is perfect for the season: dark, a little sad, but with a sense of perseverance underneath it all.

Overall, I am forever blown away by Cassyette’s incredible voice; whether she’s doing covers, like this one of Bring Me the Horizon’s “Parasite Eve”, or delivering us original music of her own, Cassyette’s vocals are always hauntingly gorgeous.

About “Petrichor”:

Meet Cassyette:

Check out this interview:

“Cassyette was born in Chelmsford Essex. She attended Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School, later graduating with a degree in commercial music. Cassyette began her career as a DJ and songwriter. After graduating from University of Westminster Cassyette became a staple on the London live circuit. Songwriting for various artists and bands alongside her own music, Cassyette merges pop and rock inspired sounds with modern-day electronic/pop. Cassyette’s first solo debut was labelled “A seriously well-crafted, addictive gem that should underline Cassyette’s reputation as not only one of London’s most relevant new artists, but a consummate beat maker and songwriter”.

from Cassyette’s biography

Honestly? Cassyette is the new rock ‘n’ roll queen that we needed. I can’t wait until she takes over the world… or, at the very least, tours in the US.

Cassyette’s 2022 UK Headlining Tour

cassyette feb 2022 dates

Get your tickets to Cassyette’s UK shows here.

Check out the rest of her songs on Spotify below, including a new single, “Behind Closed Doors”, featuring KID BRUNSWICK.

Keep in Touch with Cassyette:

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