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Saint Slumber Released an Off-Beat, Alt Pop New Single, “freak!” ft. 100+ of Their Fans

Saint Slumber has always been in a category of their own. They have a special blend of alternative rock and dark, electronic pop that I have never heard anywhere else. They’re always doing something new that surprises me and this new single, “freak!”, is no different.

Blending over 100 fan voices into a choir for the track, Saint Slumber’s latest release is more than a song: it’s a force to be reckoned with.

Check it out on Spotify below–

In short, “freak!” is an offbeat anthem of total self-acceptance and is a welcome sight to see in my Spotify library. It came two long months after “never / nowhere”, the last Saint Slumber single.

“I don’t know who I am lately…

Everything’s trying to change me”

“freak!” – Saint Slumber

Catchy, dreamy, vibey– it’s everything I expect from the optimistic side of Saint Slumber’s discography.

The track opens with somber acoustic guitar and nostalgic, yearning vocals that make my heart ache. Electronic glitches in the background promise something bigger than a standard ballad and boy, does Saint Slumber deliver.

It’s almost theatrical.

This track is for anyone who’s having a bit of an emo day, or just generally needs a good friend. Because that’s what this song is–it inspires you to be your own best friend, to love yourself as you are, to give yourself the acceptance that you deserve, regardless of how much of a “freak” you are.

This song isn’t so much a cry for help as it is a battle cry.

There’s a sense of power in the song that leaves listeners feeling a bit more secure simply after listening to it.

So, go ahead, pop this song on and heal your inner child.

It’s time to declare once and for all:

“I just wanna be myself…

So maybe I’m a freak.

And it’s all I wanna be!

I wanna be a freak.”

“freak!” – Saint Slumber

Introducing the Slumber Choir

“HI GANG. Today we are very happy to announce the premiere of the SLUMBER CHOIR. Our new single comes out next month and it’s one of the best songs we’ve maybe ever written, and we want you to be a part of it. You all play such a big part in making Saint Slumber singles successful, so we think it’s time you’re actually on them. If you want to sing on our upcoming single, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll send you the mp3 and instructions. P.S.: If you’re bashful about your singing voice, there’s no need to worry: you’ll be automatically tuned by a program (we won’t even hear it beforehand) and placed in a virtual “crowd” vocal, so it’ll sound like we’re all together in a big room. There’s literally no way to mess this up, promise. If you want to join in, you have 48 hours to submit (until 8:00PM (EST) on Saturday, July 17th.) Can’t wait to hear us all together :heart: @everyone”

Saint Slumber’s discord server, Band Announcements, 15 July 2021

Listen closely. Can you hear the choir in the background of the track? Neat, huh?

Saint Slumber & Suburban Dystopia

Saint Slumber, an “all-American rock band for the digital age”, describes themselves as a “post-pop nightmare” having been “forged in the suburban sprawl between Philadelphia and New York City”. Prior to the pandemic, the band toured with alt rock legends like 30 Seconds to Mars and Judah & the Lion. Saint Slumber’s debut EP, YOUTH, was released as a trilogy between 2017-2019; since then, they have been regularly releasing singles in anticipation of their upcoming EP, release date TBA.

Known for their “dark pop & sad bops”, Saint Slumber is one of those unpredictable bands who aren’t afraid to tackle any genre or subject matter. From the millennial-existential-dread comfort track “Grief 1993” to the dystopian dark pop banger “peachy” (which recently reached 1 million streams!), Saint Slumber really does it all.

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You can connect with the band on social media and through their Beacons page here. Find their website here.

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