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Psycho, We Will “Never Forget U”

New releases from Liquid Ritual are practically guaranteed to be epic. The label’s recent release of “Never Forget U” by Psycho further proves this fact to be true. This newest song is a dreamy blend of UK garage and breakbeat structures wrapped up in wave music’s emotional undercurrent. All together, Psycho delivers a tranquil, low-tempo wavy treat that is perfect for this time of year–or any time of year, really.

Find the new song on Spotify, below.

“Never Forget U” feels like the descent into fall that we experience here in upstate New York. It’s slow, cold, aching–it’s almost as if a crisp November breeze is on the metaphorical horizon of the song itself. With each note, another fistful of crisp autumn leaves have fallen away; with each note, we’re transported deeper into the grey, introspective state that is an early winter.

With “Never Forget U”, Psycho once again proves that he is a master of creating all-encompassing atmospheres within his music.

He is easily becoming one of our favorite wave music artists.

Liquid Ritual embraces Psycho

This isn’t the first time that the legendary UK wave label has joined forces with Psycho this year.

This past summer, Psycho was among those chosen to be included on Liquid Ritual’s third compilation album.

Since then, the Iran-based artist released two more tracks with the label: “Prestige” and, of course, “Never Forget U”.

We’re so excited to see what Psycho (and Liquid Ritual) have in store for us in the next couple months. With any luck, we’ll be closing out the year with some more epic wave music–and perhaps, even a few more live shows.

We’ll stay vigilant, but be sure to submit your favorites to us, too.

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