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Death Cassette Release Gritty Punk Rock Single “Reflector”

Death Cassette, hailing from the vibrant punk scene of Winnipeg, Manitoba, is back with a new single and album announcement. They’ve been making waves with its distinctive blend of grunge and hardcore. Their music is characterized by a melodic, high-energy vibe and a strong focus on vocals.

The band has joined forces with High End Denim Records to release their new EP Get Rid Of It. The album features six electrifying tracks. The first single, “Reflector,” is available now and offers a glimpse into what this EP has to offer. You can expect the album to drop on November 17.

New Single

“Reflector” is a musical tirade against moral superiority and self-serving hypocrisy. Death Cassette’s lyrics confront the tendency to point fingers at others without self-reflection, represented in lines like “you’re always so quick to point the finger, just take a look in the mirror.” The song’s lyrics delve into the energy wasted on judging and condemning others, making it an anthem for anyone who’s ever felt the frustration of facing such behavior.

Vocalist Sousa’s piercing delivery of lines like “Your mouth is open, mind is closed” exemplifies the song’s combative and incisive tone, driving home the message with impactful precision. “Reflector” demands to be played at maximum volume, ensuring an all-encompassing, cathartic listening experience.


For those who have a penchant for the gritty, unapologetic sounds of punk rock, Death Cassette’s “Reflector” is a must-listen. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Single Mothers, Cancer Bats, Nirvana, Hole, Wipers, Sonic Youth, Butthole Surfers, Refused, and Fugazi, their ’90s grunge-infused style is sure to leave a lasting impression. Give “Reflector” a spin, and let us know your thoughts.

If you’re in Winnipeg and want to experience Death Cassette’s high-octane performance in person, mark your calendars for November 17. The band will be hosting an EP release party at the Good Will Social Club, where you can celebrate the arrival of their new tunes firsthand.

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