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Nick Neutronz Experiments With Two-Sided Single, ‘IDRIVE // AASMR’

Legendary underground music producer, Nick Neutronz, is back at it again with his newest release, a two-sided experiment, IDRIVE // AASMR. Drawing influence from both phonk and wave this time, Neutronz created something that’s dark, sexy, and even a bit magical.

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This new single sees Nick Neutronz putting a fresh spin on two different genres within one release. The A-side, “IDRIVE,” channels more of a groovy, nostalgic phonk sound, whereas the B-side, “AASMR,” leans more wavy and melodic.

While you can notice the shift from one song into the next, the two songs do end up blending together into one well-curated piece, if you aren’t paying close attention.

Loop at your own risk–you might end up falling under Neutronz’s spell, losing hours, despite the fact that both songs run about five total minutes together.

No matter how many times you listen, it will be time well spent.

The master at work in his studio–

Nick Neutronz shared a bit of the particular process behind this project with his SoundCloud followers.

He explains, “Both [songs] have the same formula but have pretty different feels and results. I used a vinyl of the ‘Apocalypse Now’ soundtrack for the A-side, “IDRIVE,” in a process I call ‘touch everything in the studio to make this beat.’ I used the MPC for the drums, the triton for keys, put some scratches on it using a breaks record, and made a cowbell using the Roger Linn Tempest; I also threw in an FM bass growl for the turnarounds. I haven’t made anything like this before, but I feel good about the result. It’s the DJ scratchiest beat I’ve ever released.

The producer also explains that he switched it up a bit by “experimenting with scratches, bass design, sampling soundtracks and 90s hip hop and RNB.”

Want more Nick?

Check out the guest mix he did for Emotions Control Podcast, below.

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