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Jagwar Twin’s “All My Friends” Is A Stylish Indie-Rock Anthem

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Jagwar Twin is the musical persona of singer, songwriter, producer, and storyteller Roy English. He’s back with an exhilarating new single called “All My Friends.” This stylish indie-rock anthem draws inspiration from the profound connections forged during his time on the road. English’s latest full-length album was produced by the Grammy-nominated Matthew Pauling (Twenty One Pilots and 5 Seconds of Summer) and is available now.

“All My Friends” delves into the realities of our existence. English poignantly reflects, “The world is always ending and it’s always beginning. We’re having this experience flying through space on this rock we call home. ‘All My Friends’ is about the terror and the beauty of the fact that we’re all here on Earth, and it’s all of us or none of us.”

To witness the immersive experience that accompanies the song, be sure to check out the music video for “All My Friends” down below. The video combines live footage and behind-the-scenes clips from Jagwar Twin’s recent tour supporting Transviolet.

Getting To Know Jagwar Twin

At the core of Jagwar Twin’s music lies a fusion of empathy, community, and creative expression. Roy English’s brainchild adapts to the ever-evolving cultural landscape, reminiscent of the agile and powerful jaguar that initially inspired the project’s name.

English’s discography boasts standout tracks like “It’s Your Time,” “I Like To Party,” “Down To You,” and the immensely popular “Happy Face.” His new album 33 encourages listeners to embrace their true selves and embrace their individuality. With Jagwar Twin, he strives to break down the barriers between artist and audience, forging a deep connection through music.

33 seamlessly weaves together elements of otherworldly garage-rock guitars, gritty breakbeats, evocative poetry, electro-pop flourishes, and soulful R&B, resulting in a truly unique alternative style. Throughout the album, English channels the showmanship reminiscent of Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie and the energy of Bad-era Michael Jackson, leaving listeners in awe.

A Digital Universe

A prime example of Jagwar Twin’s commitment to innovation, the release of 33 coincided with the unveiling of the Jagwar Twin digital universe, known as Hall Of Mirrors. Developed through an extensive Web3 campaign orchestrated by CTHDRL, this immersive environment redefines the relationship between artist and fan, brimming with wonder and endless possibilities. Visit Jagwar Twin’s official website for more information.

With “All My Friends,” Jagwar Twin once again proves his prowess as a boundary-pushing artist. The combination of Roy English’s introspective songwriting, Matthew Pauling’s expert production, and the raw energy infused into every note and lyric make for an electrifying musical experience. The track’s catchy melodies, driving rhythms, and thought-provoking lyrics come together to create an anthem that encourages introspection, unity, and celebration of the human experience.

To fully experience the artistry of Jagwar Twin, make sure to explore his discography, including the critically acclaimed albums “Subject to Flooding” and “33.” And don’t forget to dive into the captivating Hall Of Mirrors, the digital universe that encapsulates the immersive world of Jagwar Twin.

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