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Saint Samuel Tells the True Story Behind New Song, “Hit and Run” [Exclusive Interview]

“When the world is crazy, that’s exactly what humans need the most: music.”

Sam mccoig (Saint Samuel)

If you’re looking for a fun pop-rock bop to jumpstart your Spring playlists with, then we invite you to check out “Hit and Run” by Saint Samuel. Based in Richmond, VA, Saint Samuel is a self-produced singer-songwriter whose roots in Americana and pop-punk meld together in interesting ways. This new song follows the artist’s January EP, Going Through It, and in a way, is based on a true story.

While the song itself is generally fun to listen to, with its catchy hook and playful transitions, the inspiration behind “Hit and Run” is anything but ‘fun’.

You can learn all about this song by reading our conversation with Saint Samuel, below.

Listen to “Hit and Run” by Saint Samuel, via Dog Brothers Records:

“Hit and Run” as told by Saint Samuel

MendoWerks Magazine: So, tell us a little bit about your new song, “Hit and Run”. What inspired you to write this one?

Saint Samuel: My writing partner and I were in a car accident not too long ago. Luckily, no one was hurt, and the nearby telephone pole that was just begging us to ram into it didn’t get its wish that day. The person who hit us sped off, and the police still haven’t found them.

It was ‘a classic hit and run’, the police said. ‘Happens all the time. Not much to be done about it.’

We didn’t agree, though. We thought there was something to do about it–write a song.

MM: Oh wow, we’re so glad you’re both okay! That’s such a scary experience– but it is kind of wild to me that post-crash, ya’ll were all ‘hey, let’s write a song about this’ rather than like, ‘...maybe we should just call it a day’. Why is that?

(Photo of Saint Samuel, as provided by Dog Brothers Records.)

Saint Samuel: That day the accident happened was supposed to be a day spent in the studio, but we lost most of it having to deal with the situation. We had about an hour left to work, and my co-writer just looked at me and said, ‘I’ve never felt more inspired. We’re gonna go write a hit song; it’s gonna be called “Hit and Run.” And then we’ll get famous–and I’ll be able to afford fixing my car.’

So, that’s exactly what we did.

We wrote the song in a day, cut my vocals the next day, mixed and mastered it, and then it was ready for the world.

MM: Now that it’s here, how do you feel about it?

Saint Samuel: I think it might be one of my favorite songs we’ve written so far. There’s something amazing about writing a song in the moment, using the creative process as a way to deal with an experience.

This song idea hit us, just a little too hard. 

MM: What is coming up next for you?

Saint Samuel: This is a period of some really exciting change in my life. I’m moving to Nashville this summer, and that car crash was strangely a sign that I’m making the right decision.

I love Richmond, VA, where I currently live. It’s where I was born and raised. It’s where I started my music career.

But it’s felt too small, too uninspiring, for a while now. 

When the car crash happened, and we wrote “Hit and Run” so quickly, it felt as if the universe was almost saying, ‘Look, Richmond is great and all, but it’s time to go, and I’ll keep throwing figurative and literal car crashes your way until you pack your bags.’

MM: Sometimes you gotta take your signs however they come to you, I suppose [laughs]. Last question for you: what are you most looking forward to once you arrive in Nashville?

Saint Samuel: Nashville is a music mecca. There is so much amazing music being made there. I can’t even express how excited I am to be surrounded by other musicians, out in the trenches, grinding every day to chase their dreams and share their music just like I am.

I love that everyone knows why they’ve chosen this particular city to call home. The world might be burning down, but everyone in Nashville knows the assignment: keep making music, keep making the best songs possible.

When the world is crazy, that’s exactly what humans need the most: music. 

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