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Framing Hanley Returns (Again?) with “Say Less”

If you were (an emo kid) on the Internet at any point in the 2000’s-2010’s, I guarantee that you’ve come across Framing Hanley at least once. If you were anything like me, then finding out about the band’s indefinite hiatus and subsequent “farewell tour” in 2015 was nothing short of heartbreaking–especially given the fact that all three of their albums up until that point were solid bodies of work.

What I didn’t know until recently is that this “farewell tour” wasn’t exactly the definitive ending that I had

During their hiatus, Framing Hanley released One Màs More, a project split between new renditions of old songs (“The Farm Sessions”) and a handful of otherwise unreleased tracks.

The good news doesn’t end there, either.

In fact, Framing Hanley has gone on to release new music this year–in 2024–as well.

The first single, “Start a Fire“, came in March, via Thermal Entertainment.

A second single, “Say Less,” came out this month via their own in-house label, Broox Records, and it is everything that I loved about this band back then: melodic, clever, impactful… and catchy as can be.

I’m really excited to see what comes next. 

Check out “Say Less” by Framing Hanley on Spotify, below.

Framing Hanley: on tour soon

With support from Sierra Annie and Rookie of the Year, Framing Hanley is once again hitting the road for a brief stint of shows across the central United States.

The band is returning to some of their old haunts like Knoxville, Atlanta, and Lexington.

The tour kicks off next week, on April 12th.

You can find tickets and more information via bandsintown.

Want more Framing Hanley? We recommend starting with their first album, The Moment, and continuing from there chronologically.

If you wanted to start with a single track, we’d recommend “Photographs and Gasoline” from A Promise to Burn–it demonstrates their musical range and narrative prowess the best.

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