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Kings County Drop New Order’s “Blue Monday” Cover With Hard Rock Twist

In the realm of music covers, New Order’s 1983 hit single, “Blue Monday,” has seen its fair share of interpretations. But this time around, Orlando’s hard rock outfit, Kings County, has taken it upon themselves to give the iconic track a whole new lease on life.

Kings County is comprised of Rob Dexter on vocals and bass, Steve Bell and Bill Kania on guitars, and Joe Lopez on drums. They’re not shying away from the challenge of reinventing a classic. With heavy guitars, earthy drums, and aggressive modern vocals, they’ve breathed new life into the song while still paying homage to its New Wave roots.

According to Dexter, the decision to tackle “Blue Monday” was driven by a deep appreciation for timeless music. He notes, “Great songs stand the test of time, and New Order’s hit is no exception. Over the years, we’ve realized that a lot of ’80s new wave bands convert well to hard rock. There’s something about beefing up the guitars that just works.”

Music Video Details

The accompanying music video for “Blue Monday” was shot at M3 Studios in Miami, FL. The footage offers a sleek and straightforward performance visual. Director Jon Vulpine is known for his work with industry heavy hitters. You may have seen previous work with the likes of Three Days Grace and Skillet. When you watch, you’ll see that the video captures Kings County’s raw energy and intensity.

Dexter expresses admiration for Vulpine’s approach, He emphasizes the importance of a strong song as the foundation for any successful video project.

What’s Next?

Looking ahead, Kings County is eager to build on its momentum from 2023. They’re focusing on crafting new original music with Alkazian. They’re also eager to hit the stage and share their hard-rock sound with audiences far and wide. As Dexter emphasizes, nothing beats the thrill of performing live and connecting with fans—an ethos that drives them forward in their musical journey.

“Blue Monday” stands as a testament to Kings County’s commitment to pushing boundaries. This standout cover was produced by the esteemed Chuck Alkazian at Pearl Sound Studios in Canton, MI. The track serves as a bold statement of their artistic prowess and relentless drive.

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