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Catch Saint Samuel’s Pop-Rock Sensation “Like You Like That”

Saint Samuel emerges as a powerhouse artist from Richmond, VA with the new single “Like You Like That”. This musical journey introduces us to Sam McCoig, not just as an artist but as an alter-ego breaking free from societal norms. This metamorphosis delivers an unapologetically genuine musical persona in the form of Saint Samuel.

The track’s genesis is in a heart-to-heart dialogue between Saint Samuel and writing partner, Emily Bruzzo. “Like You Like That” delves into the complexities of modern relationships, resonating with the millennial heart caught in a web of uncertain affection. This single encapsulates the universal crossroads of yearning and detachment that we’ve all faced.

“Saint Samuel is an alter-ego. He’s not separate from me, but he’s not who I am when I’m living my daily life. He’s what I look like without inhibitions or consequences or insecurities holding me back.”

Samuel McCoig

ChatGPT Music Video

But there’s more to this creation. Saint Samuel and Bruzzo ventured into the realm of technology, crafting a music video concept with the AI marvel, ChatGPT. Witness sparks fly as Saint Samuel navigates a simulated date with ChatGPT, shedding light on unexplored dimensions of connection in a tech-driven world.

This narrative unfolds against the backdrop of Dog Brothers Records, a sanctuary for musical pioneers under Unleashed Music. Here, Saint Samuel’s melodies and dreams find wings, where creativity knows no bounds.

Saint Samuel’s “Like You Like That” will take you on an emotional journey. The song is a pop-rock bombshell that’ll make you groove, contemplate, and crave more.

If you let it in, this track will sweep you into a dance of emotions and resonate in your soul long after the final note. Step into Saint Samuel’s world, embrace his raw authenticity, and embark on a new musical adventure.

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