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Saint Samuel Drops Catchy “Dancing In the Moonlight” Cover

Saint Samuel, the self-produced singer-songwriter hailing from Richmond, VA has unveiled a sneak peek into his upcoming EP. With the release of “Dancing In the Moonlight,” we gain a fresh perspective on the classic hit and get a taste of what’s to come on Going Through It.

Sam McCoig is the mastermind behind Saint Samuel. He stumbled upon the song through Toploader’s rendition featured on The Umbrella Academy. From there it instantly became an obsession, McCoig even admitted to playing it four times a day at some points. His decision to cover this upbeat, lighthearted tune was swift, inspired by the joyous vibes embedded in the original.

Getting To Know Saint Samuel

A musical journey that began at the age of nine, Sam received his first guitar at a young age. Transitioning from forming bands in the sixth grade to discovering the wonders of Garageband on a school-issued laptop, Sam immersed himself in self-produced artistry. The fusion of country and pop punk, seemingly disparate genres, found a harmonious union in his work, shaping the distinctive songwriting style and sound of Saint Samuel.

Navigating the challenging landscape of the alt-country genre, Sam’s musical identity took a significant turn during the pandemic. With collaboration halted, he embraced self-sufficiency, birthing the alter-ego Saint Samuel. According to McCoig, Saint Samuel isn’t a separate entity but a version of himself devoid of inhibitions, consequences, and insecurities.

New EP Coming Soon

As the release of Going Through It draws near, Saint Samuel’s cover of “Dancing In the Moonlight” serves as an enticing teaser, beckoning listeners to explore the magic of this modern reinterpretation. With its roots in a timeless classic and the transformative touch of Saint Samuel, this cover promises an exhilarating musical journey worth embarking on.

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