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Seraph. and w/out Unite on Intricately Emotional New Song, “Ache”

Two brilliant electronic music producers, Seraph. and w/out, teamed up on an intricate and emotional new song, “Ache”. This fresh wavy release serves as the second single off of Seraph.’s upcoming EP, Memento. The EP’s first tender single, “Pulse,” dropped earlier this summer.

For fans of sophisticated and melodic electronic music, August 31st is the date you need to remember, as that’s the day that Memento is due out in full via The Tabula Rasa Record Company. 

As for “Ache”, this is a powerful song that can evoke a strong emotional response no matter how many times you hear it. At the heart of the song is this complicated, nostalgic feeling.

We recommend that you take some time to find a quiet space listen to this track so you can feel it for yourself–

“Ache” is more of an experience in that way.

Find “Ache” by seraph. and w/out on Spotify. 

“Ache” evokes a side to nostalgia that is often hard to pin down.

The emotion that these two artists capture is one part regretful, one part yearning– and yet, is still a feeling that’s ultimately perfectly grounded, and in a way, content and peaceful. 

Offering a refreshing and comforting take on the melodic genre, this wavy release is not going to land among your “bangers” lists. However, it’s a song that really gets at the heart and soul of the human experience in a way that some of these club-ready hardwave hits don’t often reach. If you’re already familiar with Seraph.’s work, then you should expect this kind of listening experience from his music. Given that w/out is also known for her gorgeous, cinematic style and her dedication to crafting cohesive, emotional soundscapes using all the tools at her disposal… 

Then you understand that finding out that these two artists released a song together felt almost too good to be true. 

Thankfully, the song is, in fact, very real — and it’s everything we dreamed of.

The dream team tells all

We were lucky enough to connect with Seraph. and w/out, and we asked if they would share their thoughts on this collaboration with us. 

Here is what each artist had to say: 

“It was a pleasure getting to work on this track with James. He’s a very talented musician and someone that I’ve spent a lot of time speaking with about life, music, and all things in between. We share a lot of similar mindsets about life and music and I think in a way, that came out in the song. The song felt very cathartic to write which was even further encapsulated in the fact that we both put some of our guitar work in there. I’m really proud of how it came out in the end and I am so honored to have been a small part of James’ album.”

– w/out 

“This track is a very important one to me. Firstly, it’s a track I got to make with a very talented producer, who I’m lucky enough to call a friend. With us both being guitarists at heart, it was so rewarding to combine that signature element from both our sound pallets, and it turned out brilliantly.

In the context of the album, Ache stands as almost a pallet cleanser. I’ve always loved tapping into the darker side of my sound, and this track is the first track of the album to touch into the more melancholic sensibilities.”

– Seraph. 

Pre=save Seraph.’s upcoming EP, Memento, here.

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