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Empty Trail’s New Single Is A Grunge Revival With A Modern Twist

Alt/hard rockers Empty Trail has released their latest single, “…but One Path.” The song is garnering attention for its blend of influences and style reminiscent of the grunge era of the 90s.

The band’s origins trace back to singer/guitarist Rick Lambert’s personal project during his time in Los Angeles. From there Lambert made a significant shift by relocating to Austin in the fall of 2016.

Lambert’s vision for Empty Trail was rooted in a desire to infuse the grittiness of grunge with a contemporary sonic approach. He cites iconic bands like Soundgarden and Alice in Chains as key inspirations, aiming to put his own twist on their sounds.

Maintaining Authenticity

The current release, “…but One Path,” embodies Empty Trail’s commitment to maintaining authenticity while also embracing modern influences. The song blends alt/rock, grunge, and metal elements, which have become their hallmark while introducing subtle contemporary nuances that add a layer of freshness. The result is a track that feels both familiar and novel, a characteristic that defines Empty Trail’s musical direction.

Empty Trail’s collaboration with the innovative program Kaiber-AI to create the Lyric Video for “…but One Path” adds a visually immersive dimension to the song. The video captures the essence of the track’s underlying message – the idea that a path exists, irrespective of its outcome, carrying potentially greater significance than meets the eye.

Whether you choose to stream the single or delve into the lyric video, Empty Trail’s latest release offers a chance to explore their evolving musical landscape. As the band continues to expand its fanbase on social media, their unique blend of influences and commitment to innovation makes them worthy of a follow.

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