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Are You Feeling ‘Alright’? After Listening to The Bluebell Smile, You Will

The Bluebell Smile, a four-piece rock band made up of life-long best friends from Venice Beach, CA, just released a dreamy new single: “I’m Alright.” The song came out via Dark Spark Music (The Orchard) on February 16th. It is certainly a must-listen, especially if you’re seeking some respite from the winter cold–or other external stressors you may be facing.

The thing we like the most about The Bluebell Smile is that their music oozes nostalgia, while still being fresh and modern. This new song has this hazy, summery vibe to it that’s reminiscent of feel-good rock classics of yesterday, but also has appeal beyond that. It’s vivid, clever, and resonant–all markers of a great tune.

See for yourself: check out the new song by The Bluebell Smile, “I’m Alright,” via Spotify, below.

In particular, “I’m Alright” is a solid tune that younger folks will be inclined to share with their culturally-resistant parents who swear by classic rock, and nothing but classic rock. If these aren’t your parents… then you probably know some older folks just like this. It’s time to help them.

Much like when hearing music from other contemporary bands with a genuine-but-nostalgic sound (like Greta Van Fleet) for the first time, these hesitant parents, when freshly exposed to The Bluebell Smile, may finally become convinced that modern music is just as good as what they themselves grew up on. In fact, they may even acknowledge that the kids are, in fact, ‘alright’.

In other words, music like “I’m Alright” is music that generations can bond over, and we think that’s a beautiful thing.

This is just the beginning for The Bluebell Smile

Keep your eyes peeled for updates across the band’s social media channels, as they plan to continue documenting their journey and connecting with fans ahead of next month’s studio time, and later, live performances on the collegiate and festival circuits.

Meet The Bluebell Smile

press photo (c) Larry Hirshowitz

“They’re reluctant to be labeled, but if Jack White hitched a lift with Kurt Cobain in Jeff Buckley’s mini-van, while Thom Yorke served them at a drive-thru and led Zeppelin looked on from under the shade of a Joshua tree, you’d get The Bluebell Smile.

The beauty of this young stripped-back, four-piece — AKA Olorin (vox, bass), Mateo (guitar, bkg vox), Nathan (keys, bkg vox), and Charlie (drums) — is that they’ve absorbed the best of rock, alt-rock, and indie and made it their own. For real.” – Dark Spark Music

Speaking on how The Bluebell Smile’s sound developed, vocalist Olórin explains, “Each member of The Bluebell Smile brings their own musical history resulting in an alchemy of influences including Tame Impala, Van Halen, Cream, The Cars, The White Stripes, Radiohead, Black Sabbath and Taylor Swift.”

Looking for more?

Check out The Bluebell Smile’s live rendition of “I’m Alright,” via YouTube, below.

Connect with The Bluebell Smile:
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