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Shadow Work: Dark, Dreamy Art Rock Worth Hearing

Denver’s music scene gets associated primarily with folk music–and for good reason. When one of the most beloved folk singers in history names himself after a city, it sets a precedent of sorts. But the Mile High City contains multitudes, and many talented artists in all manner of genres await discovery. Case in point: Alt-pop breakouts N3ptune and Rusty Steve, who we previously covered, and dynamic rock trio, Shadow Work.

Shadow Work melds gloom-soaked psychedelic soundscapes with jazzy rhythms and off-kilter time signatures to create an ambient and arresting atmosphere punctuated by washed-out waves of distortion. Listening to them evokes the feeling of standing on a beach in deep space, staring out at an ocean of stars, or of lying on your bed at night, staring at your ceiling and seeing cool patterns in the texture.

“Abelia” by Shadow Work

Shadow Work’s music scratches a brain-itch

The wonky time signatures and repeated variations on a riff present in some of Shadow Work’s songs create a soothing cyclical feel, something that scratches a brain-itch, and makes for music that’s both great to have on in the background, or to seriously sit down and listen to and pick out all the little intricacies of its composition. You can hear this on “Fever Dream,” the opening track of Shadow Work’s recently-released EP, IMAGO. This EP features very tight composition throughout, as well as a very groovy rendition of Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody to Love” that rivals the original in trippiness.

Shadow Work just got home from a two-week Halloween tour that spanned their home state of Colorado, as well as Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, and several states in the Midwest. Find pictures from their shows on their Facebook page, where they also announce new music and show dates. Give them a follow as well, as this band is definitely worth supporting with new ears on their songs.

“Something Trival” from Shadow Work’s new EP, Imago.

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