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Judah & the Lion Featuring K.Flay: A Collaborative Triumph On “Son of a Gun”

Photo credit: Robby Klein

Indie folk sensation Judah & The Lion is making waves with their latest release, “Son of a Gun (feat. K.Flay).” The band, consisting of Judah Akers and Brian Macdonald, continues to redefine genre boundaries with their unique blend of Americana, folk, hip-hop, pop, and alternative influences.

“Son of a Gun,” featuring the talented K.Flay, is a dynamic track that combines catchy melodies with irreverent lyricism. The song delves into the struggle of sustaining hope amidst overwhelming anger, providing a bouncing rhythm that conceals a substantial undercurrent of emotion. Judah Akers explains that the song, written during the onset of the pandemic, captures the swirling emotions of the time, with a special nod to his collaborator, Kristine, whom he hails as the light of the song.

K.Flay herself chimes in, describing the track as a release, a letting go of things, and finding humor in the darkness. The collaboration with Judah resulted in a playful and exuberant exchange of verses, reflecting a shared sense of humor in the face of adversity.

B-side Included

In addition, the band has included a b-side in the form of “Starting Over.” The track takes a more poignant turn, serving as an ode to heartbreak. Both tracks tackle themes of anger and dealmaking, whether with oneself, a higher power, or perhaps even the devil. The band’s willingness to explore such emotional depths is a trademark of their work.

Judah & the Lion’s frontman, Judah Akers, remarks that “Son of a Gun” is a foreshadowing of their upcoming record, blending bounce with an underlying anger and a healthy dose of pettiness. The track was born from the creative collaboration with Kristine, showcasing the diverse emotions present during the tumultuous period of the pandemic.

K.Flay, known for her fifth studio album “MONO” released this fall, expresses the song’s spirit as a release of dark moments with a sense of humor. Her collaboration with Judah is characterized by a natural, playful, and exuberant exchange of ideas, evident in the verses of “Son of a Gun.”

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