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Songs on Repeat: “NOTHING” by MAYKO

Here at MendoWerks Magazine, we aim to share the music that truly moves us. With that said, I want to take some time and explain to you, dear Readers, why some of the songs found in my ‘On Repeat’ Spotify playlist seem to have found a permanent home there.

This time, we’re going to talk about “NOTHING” by MAYKO, which has lived in my ‘On Repeats’ since the summer of 2022 (i.e., about 19 consecutive months).

Based in San Diego, you may recognize MAYKO’s name from his performances at Alter/Ego’s LA showcase in 2022, Umbrella Weekend in 2023 or OMFG! NYE 2023. Or, perhaps, you remember his mix for Insomniac Radio’s ‘Discovery Project’, or his new year’s mix for EDM Identity. You might even remember that time we interviewed MAYKO, or maybe you read another profile of his.

Whether you’re intimately familiar with this artist, or stumbled upon this piece by chance, I’m so excited to share this tune with you.

“NOTHING”: Sonic Healing in Under Five Minutes, Courtesy of MAYKO

The first thing to note about “NOTHING” is that, much like other songs by MAYKO, it is one of those songs that sucks you in right from the get-go and keeps you locked in through its very last note. There is extraordinary movement throughout this entire song, building up to an insane climax with a genuinely satisfying end. There are sections that drop to a whisper; sections that swell up into a dramatic, all-encompassing sea of sound that rushes over you; sections that feel as if they are, on some level, reprogramming your brain in one capacity or another–or maybe all of it at once.

This song doesn’t feel like ‘just a song’–it has the emotional payoff of an immersive, carefully-curated album, but in one-tenth of the time.

photo (c) Tyger Dison

While MAYKO is an electronic music producer, I definitely think fans of any genre will see the beauty in his work because he truly is unlike any producer to come before him.

If you’re part of the population that experiences ‘frisson‘, or the very real goosebumps that result from listening to great music, then this tune is definitely for you.

“NOTHING” is a song that almost always sends a pleasant shiver down my spine, if not a full-bodied, visceral reaction complete with the hair standing up on the back of my neck, endorphins flooding my veins, straight from my head all the way down to my toes–or what-have-you. I think it’s related to the catharsis involved–feeling weightless, limitless, like there’s nothing to fear anymore.

A true release.

This song will probably remain at the top of my ‘On Repeat’ playlist for quite some time–and chances are, it’ll soon top yours, too.

Want more MAYKO?

To be honest, his mix for EDM Identity is absolutely not to be missed–especially if you’re looking for further sonic healing.

Pay extra close attention to his opening message–it’s something so many of us can relate to, I’m sure.

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