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almogfx Reunites with Vinter in “worlds apart”

Liquid Ritual, the UK’s premier wave music label, is at it again with another gentle, introspective new song: “worlds apart” by almogfx and Vinter. Profound and atmospheric, “Worlds Apart” is a song that will stay with you long after your first listen. This powerful collaboration shows off the best of both artists: the analog, the ambient, the ethereal, and more.

Together, almogfx and Vinter create a special sort of magic that’s yet to be replicated elsewhere.

Check out “worlds apart” on Spotify, below.

For the next Elder Scrolls: Skyrim rerelease that we all know is coming, I’d really love it if Bethesda considered updating the soundtrack to include songs like “worlds apart”. Imagine exploring the open world’s mountain peaks in HD with something as gorgeous and immersive as this song–or others in almogfx and Vinter’s discographies–playing in the background?

“worlds apart” hits all the right notes– it’s dark, it’s vast, and it’s got a captivating sort of coldness to it. It’s perfect RPG music.

Sure, the original Skyrim OST will always hold a special place in my heart, but honestly? I’m ready to level up my nostalgia, wave-style. Not to speak for the entirety of humanity… but I think the world needs it.

Bethesda, do you hear me?

We need a wave-filled RPG.


almogfx and Vinter have a history that precedes “worlds apart”

“worlds apart” is not the first time almogfx and Vinter have collaborated, and hopefully, it will not be the last.

Earlier this year, these two artists released “purple coast” together. Give it a listen–especially if you enjoy this pair’s particular blend of emotion and ambiance. It will not disappoint.

Additionally, back in 2021, they released another collaboration: “BREAKER”. If you like your wave music a little bit more upbeat, this one’s for you.

Will we see these artists collaborating again in 2023–or beyond?

We certainly hope so.

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