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“Something Loud” Is Jimmy Eat World At Its Best

Jimmy Eat World’s latest single “Something Loud” is available wherever you listen to music. The track features all the hallmarks of a classic Jimmy Eat World song. Opening with punchy guitar riffs, incorporating dynamic instrumental elements throughout, and with the finishing touch of melodic, heartfelt vocals from Jim Adkins.

Photo Credit: Jimi Giannatti

“Something Loud” was co-produced by Jimmy Eat World and Justin Meldal-Johnson. The song is new but it feels like something that could have been written in the early days of the band.

In fact, it was the excitement surrounding the announcement of October’s When We Were Young Festival that inspired Adkins. The reaction brought about a time of intense emotional and professional contemplation which he channeled into “Something Loud.”

“While I thought I made the most of the early band days, I realize now I missed some stuff. You’re in such a hurry to grow out of the formidable years. Like shit-togetherness is going to magically arrive when you hit some age you thought ‘grownups’ were. Yeah, it doesn’t work that way. But maybe the thing age and experience do reveal is that pivotal moments are hard to grasp when you are in them.”

Jim Adkins

Jimmy Eat World: A New Chapter

Jimmy Eat World is embarking on a new era. They’re moving forward without major label support. And we’ve got a feeling they’ll be just fine. With a passionate fanbase at their back and newfound inspiration, they’ll be taking the show on the road this fall.

The Something Loud Tour will kick off on September 8th in Cleveland, Ohio. Charly Bliss will open up and the tour will run through October 1st in Ocean City Maryland. From there you can see them on all three days of the When We Were Young Festival in Las Vegas. As the band celebrates 10 studio albums and nearly three decades as a band, their best years may very well be ahead of them.

Visit their website for concert ticket information or follow along on Instagram and Twitter for updates. Subscribe on YouTube if you want to go down the Jimmy Eat World music video rabbit hole just like we did in writing this article. There’s so much great material to revisit. And we can’t wait to see what comes next.

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