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Poll: Where Do You Discover New Music?

Listening habits have evolved over the past few decades. Today, there are far more options when it comes to discovering new music. Take the MendoWerks poll below and let us know where you’re finding tasty new jams. But first, let’s look at some recently-released numbers for 2021.

According to statistics from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), recorded music revenue in the United State grew a whopping 23% percent to $15 billion last year (retail value). All major formats experienced growth with the exception of digital downloads. Paid subscriptions continued to be the largest driver of growth.

RIAA research shows that 84 million people belonged to a subscription service in 2021, up from 75.5 million the previous year. The news wasn’t so promising when it came to downloads, dipping 12% to $587 million. That’s compared to $823 million just two years ago. Digital and customized radio services experienced 4% growth to $1.2 billion.

Vinyl & CD Sales Surge

Vinyl has seen a resurgence with 15 straight years of growth. However, 2021 marked the first time since the mid-90s that both CDs and vinyl experienced growth in the same year. CD revenue increased at retail some 21% to $584 while vinyl sales topped $1 billion.

A recent quote from RIAA Chairman/CEO Mitch Glazer in Music Business Worldwide, ‘a little more than twenty years ago, music faced a wrenching transition in the face of devastating piracy. It took some time to find the right approach but we refused to give up, embracing new technologies while protecting creators’ work and forging creative partnerships with artists in new and mutually beneficial ways.’

For more information about the Recording Industry Association of America and what they do, visit their website if you like. Now, if you could be so kind, let us know where you’re tracking down new tunes.

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