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Lady Gaga’s “Hold My Hand” Is The New Top Gun Theme Song

Lady Gaga has contributed the theme song to the new Top Gun: Maverick movie. Due later this month, the epic ballad sets the tone for the film. The soundtrack is packed with nostalgic tunes and a few that are hot off the press.


Available the same day the movie hits theaters, the soundtrack will be available via Interscope Records. Featuring new tracks from Lady Gaga and One Republic alongside classics from the original like Danger Zone from Kenny Loggins, it’s sure to spark some nostalgic feelings for the original film. Gaga wrote and produced the song with BloodPop with addition production from Benjamin Rice.

Premiere Set For May 27th After Five Delays

Top Gun: Maverick will be debuting in theaters on May 27th on Paramount Pictures. The highly anticipated premiere has been in the works for years. Production on the sequel started in 2018 nearly eight years after work initially began. From there, according to an article from Screen Rant, there have been five delays on the release date.

Originally scheduled for a summer of 2019 premiere, that was initially pushed back a full year in an effort to improve the quality of the aerial scenes. From there, as a result of the pandemic, Top Gun: Maverick was one of the first major films to have its release date rescheduled. After a few additional date changes, here we are.

Maverick Returns To Top Gun

Tom Cruise will reprise his role as Maverick and stars Val “Iceman” Kilmer and Jennifer Connolly. The movie follows his return to the Top Gun academy where he must train a new generation of graduates. There, he meets Lt. Bradley Bradshaw call sign Rooster, played by Miles Teller. Rooster is the son of Lt. Nick Bradshaw aka “Goose” who (spoiler alert) tragically passed away in the original film.

Yes, there’s inevitably a dangerous mission involved. According to the description on the latest YouTube trailer, Maverick is drawn into a confrontation with his own deepest fears. Check it out on YouTube and let us know what you think in the in the comments section below.


  1. Main Titles (You’ve Been Called Back to Top Gun)
  2. Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins
  3. Darkstar
  4. Great Balls of Fire (Live) by Miles Teller
  5. You’re Where You Belong / Give ‘Em Hell
  6. I Ain’t Worried by OneRepublic
  7. Dagger One is Hit / Time to Let Go
  8. Tally Two / What’s the Plan / F-14
  9. The Man, the Legend / Touchdown
  10. Penny Returns – Interlude
  11. Hold My Hand by Lady Gaga
  12. Top Gun Anthem

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