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Birthmark: Nate Kinsella To Drop First Album in 8 Years

Cover Art Photo by Shervin Lainez

In a thrilling comeback, Nate Kinsella, the mastermind behind Birthmark, has announced the release of the project’s first album in eight years. Titled Birth of Omni the album is set to drop on January 19th, 2024 courtesy of Polyvinyl Records. Kinsella, a seasoned multi-instrumentalist known for his contributions to indie favorites like Joan of Arc, American Football, and Make Believe. The new material promises a unique sonic experience, marking a departure from his previous works.

The lead single, “Rodney” is accompanied by a visually striking music video directed by Ben Wietmarschen. The song delves into Kinsella’s personal journey of self-discovery, grappling with his sexuality and the societal expectations of masculinity. Featuring guest vocals from Craig Wedren of Shudder to Think, “Rodney” explores themes of lust, commitment, and the evolving nature of one’s identity.

Behind The Music

“Rodney” offers insight into Kinsella’s personal growth and acceptance. The music video complements the track, portraying Kinsella navigating an existential crisis, attempting to reconcile suppressed desires with the chaotic beauty of his family life.

Birth of Omni had its roots in a tumultuous period five years ago, marked by societal upheaval, political turmoil, and the dawn of the MeToo movement. Kinsella, now a father, grappled with the uncertainties of bringing children into a world filled with challenges. Initially conceived as a potentially somber EP, the album evolved into a vibrant and diverse exploration of sound and emotion.

Birthmark Returns

The creative process was not without its challenges, with the pandemic adding an unexpected layer of complexity. Kinsella embraced the suspension of reality as an opportunity to push boundaries. The resulting album takes the listener on a journey, featuring a mix of heavy beats, heavenly harps, cascading harmonies, and poignant lyrics that capture the highs and lows of life, parenthood, and marriage.

Birth of Omni is a testament to vulnerability and self-reckoning, encapsulating Kinsella’s commitment to personal growth and authenticity. The artist took on the roles of writer, performer, producer, mixer, and masterer. He’s created a deeply personal collection of songs that serve as reminders to himself about the kind of existence he aspires to have.

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