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Flora Cash’s ‘i’m tired’ Is A Soulful Journey

Acclaimed Swedish-American indie-pop duo Flora Cash is back with a hauntingly beautiful new single titled “i’m tired.” It’s a must-listen for music fans seeking depth and emotional resonance in their playlists. Consisting of Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall, the song was released on their own Flower Money Records.

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With “i’m tired,” the song’s haunting late-night piano melodies evoke a sense of raw vulnerability and introspection. It’s a sonic journey that not only represents the essence of their signature sound but also ventures into new and uncharted territory.

The story of Flora Cash is one of love, resilience, and artistic triumph. Shpresa Lleshaj, who had to flee war-torn Kosovo, and Cole Randall, who endured a turbulent upbringing with an incarcerated father, found peace and love in music. Their paths initially crossed on SoundCloud in 2012. The online conversation eventually led to a meeting in Minneapolis. From there Flora Cash was born. They married in 2013 and together have forged a path marked by creativity and growth.

Flora Cash: A Musical Journey

Their journey took a significant turn when they signed with Icons Creating Evil Art in 2015 and received nominations for Swedish Artist of the Year and Swedish Newcomer of the Year. From there they released their full-length debut Nothing Lasts Forever (And It’s Fine) which set the stage for their breakthrough hit, “You’re Somebody Else.” The song soared became a worldwide phenomenon becoming a TikTok sensation and achieving multiple Gold and Platinum certifications worldwide.

Flora Cash’s ascent continued with their signing to Sony Music’s RCA Records. Their relentless growth has been marked by headlining tours and the release of new albums, including Baby, It’s Okay in March 2020 and the critically acclaimed Our Generation in October 2021. The latter featured the emotionally charged single “Soul Mate,” whose powerful video narrative and poignant lyrics resonated with countless listeners, earning it tens of millions of streams and views.

Flora Cash’s story transcends borders and generations, serving as a testament to the transformative power of sincerity, artistry, and love. Their music has enriched the lives of fans around the world, touching hearts with its genuine emotion. With the release of “i’m tired,” Flora Cash continues to explore the intricacies of love and life, showcasing their strength in vulnerability.

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