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Introducing… ALLIESUN! (exclusive interview)

“Everything in life is creative: the way we speak, love, dance, live. […]
We’re just all humans doing our best.”


LA-based DJ and music producer ALLIESUN is someone that’s been at the top of our ‘Artists to Watch’ list for months now. Her tunes are unique, her passion is inspirational, her vibes are immaculate… and we were lucky enough to have a quick chat with her about all things creative, professional, and emotional.

Take some time to get to know ALLIESUN now–that way, you’re already ‘in-the-know’ for when she takes over the industry.

Read on to find the full interview.


AM: Hi ALLIESUN! It’s so good to see you again. Since it’s your first time here with us at MendoWerks Magazine, could you please take a moment to introduce yourself to our readers? 

ALLIESUN: Hi! I am so so excited to chat today. My name is Allison, I produce & DJ under the alias ALLIESUN! I am so passionate about so many things in life, but I am a musician, educator, and therapist. I hope to combine all of those things throughout my life to truly make the world a better place & bring joy and healing to the people around me.

Listen to ALLIESUN on Spotify.

AM: So, I recently learned that you’re a bit of a creative jack-of-all-trades, so to speak. Of course, there’s your music–but as it turns out, you’re also writing a book! Would you like to tell us a little bit about that project? 

ALLIESUN: YES! Honestly, I am such a creative person and I have been through A LOT. I’m so grateful for so many trials and lessons, and writing a book is just one part or result of it, I hope to tell my story and give insight on the world from my lens because I think potentially it could help someone feel less alone and [more] guided in the future.

I’ve been through a lot, and I want to be able to voice some of those situations and things so that other people in the same spots could feel less alone–like they’re not an outcast in this world.

I have no idea how all of that will manifest, but I’m excited to keep working towards these outlets. 

AM: Having grown up with Ned’s Declassified, I kind of wish I had a ‘survival guide to growing up’ like the one you’re writing–especially after I graduated from college! To be honest, I also kind of wish there was some sort of definitive music industry survival guide, sometimes, too. Maybe that could be your sequel? [laughs] In all seriousness though, what has your experience been like so far while pursuing a career in EDM? Because historically, this industry is not an easy one for folks like us to break into.

ALLIESUN: I honestly could write an entirely separate book on the music industry and my journey here!

Something some of my inspirations always told me was to prepare for an absolute roller coaster, and they were so right. The highs are so high, and then the lows are so low. But it is all a balance.

As I’ve gotten older, I really know to appreciate both. And I always remind myself that its going to come back around in the opposite way.

I used to be a pretty high strung person, so worried and so anxious… I think that learning to ride the waves and just appreciate every part has been an integral part of my life, who I am, and how I survive in the music industry,

AM: What is something that you understand about the industry now that you wish you knew more about when you first decided to become a musician? 

ALLIESUN: This is probably going to sound so cheesy – but I wouldn’t change a thing. I am such a believer in the saying “everything happens for a reason”.  Everything I didn’t understand, I learn over time, and always when I need it.

Dombresky is a big inspiration of mine. He said, “trust the process,” and I’ve stuck with that ever since. 

AM: Do you have any specific self-care tips for managing your mental health or other industry survival strategies you’d like to share? 

ALLIESUN: YES! A thousand times yes. I think that having a close circle of friends that you trust and feel inspired by is such a key to being mentally sound and healthy. Do things you love–anything that grounds you outside of the music industry. It all boils down to being a balancing act, but you have to include everything in your life. Staying grounded, humble, and loving is the biggest key to being happy and feeling great.

Things won’t always be perfect–or even near perfect– so, it’s all about making sure you’re healthy, okay, and in a good headspace.

The rest comes after.

AM: In terms of mental health– what are your thoughts on the connection between art and emotion? Do you think artists are drawn towards creative paths because they feel things a bit more deeply, and so it’s a natural progression of sorts? After all, some say artists are often more depressed–and that the creative process can help manage emotions. 

ALLIESUN: To be honest – I have no idea how to pinpoint that. I think that everyone struggles a bit in life with our current state of the world, so I think everyone has an outlet that works for them.

Everything in life is creative: the way we speak, love, dance, live. I feel that everyone is just doing their best to create some sort of output that releases emotion. We’re just all humans doing our best.

AM: Are there any organizations that you feel are really doing the work to make the EDM world a more inclusive space– or have any specific role models that you’d like to shout out?  

ALLIESUN: I’m so lucky to have so many close friends that work to really create a more inclusive space. EDM has become a world making a world in pursuit of more inclusivity – but we still have so much farther to go in terms of more inclusion. A few honorable mentions: Arielle LeJarde (ariellenyc), GRL GANG, UMG, and even Brownies and Lemonade.

I think we still have so far to go, but the fight is here. 

AM: What’s next for you? What’s got you most excited as the year comes to a close?

ALLIESUN: So many things! I am so blessed and excited, even in the darkest times I am so excited to be alive and to make art everyday.

I have tons of new music coming out, maybe even a few festivals and tours to come; I am so grateful for everyone supporting and can’t wait for the future xo 

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Catch ALLIESUN live in Phoenix this October at Goldrush Music Festival.

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