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May Collaborates With John Carter Cash on “Community”

May is set to release her EP in September but she’s released her new single “Community” to give us a taste of what’s to come. The new material reflects her current songwriting style and her approach to integrating music into her everyday life.

The single was recorded at Cash Cabin and produced by John Carter Cash. In a video directed by Joseph Cash, May talks about her experience working on the project.

May describes the collaboration with John Carter Cash and his team as a serendipitous encounter. She had a positive experience during the recording process, feeling welcomed and able to freely express herself.

Finding Inspiration

Her music style is a blend of rock & soul, and folk/pop, and incorporates elements from different cultures. May’s songwriting allows her to express her emotions and spirituality, with inspiration drawn from gospel and sacred music.

The upcoming record celebrates life and loved ones, inspired by May’s personal journey of healing after surviving a car crash far away from her support system. The idea to write songs in honor of her community emerged from that experience.

May’s production company, House Of Fae, organized an event on July 27 at Elevation Central in Mt Juliet TN to celebrate the release. She performed her new EP live with a full band, offering a warm and love-filled experience for attendees. This marks the debut of House Of Fae in Tennessee after a two-year wait.

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