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Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament and John Wicks Present Deaf Charlie

Introducing Deaf Charlie, the dynamic duo composed of none other than Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament and former Fitz & The Tantrums drummer John Wicks. Together, they have crafted their 12-track debut album Catastrophic Metamorphic. Mark your calendars for June 30 when this musical collaboration will be available on limited edition vinyl LP at, indie retail, and streaming platforms.

Album Artwork: Edgar Smith

The alias “Deaf Charlie” was bestowed upon the talented Orlando Hanks, a member of Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch and an infamous train robber. His criminal past led him to spend significant time in Deer Lodge, MT. He earned his nickname due to his enchanting singing voice, a testament to the power of his vocal talent.

“Losing My Mind”

To give you a taste of Deaf Charlie’s innovative sound, their single “Losing My Mind” is out now. The single release is accompanied by a music video that deserves your attention.

This release follows their successful debut single “Something Real” which dropped in 2020. But it was during the challenging times of the pandemic that Ament and Wicks collaborated for the first time. They breathed new life into Buzzcocks’ classic, “Sittin’ Round At Home.” The compelling cover was recorded in their respective home studios. This collaboration laid the foundation for their exhilarating joint venture. Notably, they recently teamed up with Josh Klinghoffer to compose the score for the FX series, “Under The Banner Of Heaven.”

According to Ament, “Catastrophic Metamorphic” brims with optimism, despite its predominantly dystopian themes. This outlook is largely attributed to Wicks’ production and spirited playing. Through their collaboration, Wicks injected elements of pop and reggae into the songs, pushing the boundaries of Ament’s arrangements and rhythms, resulting in an entirely new sonic realm. Each track on this album is a testament to the creative journey shared by these two visionaries.

Deaf Charlie Live

Deaf Charlie’s remarkable chemistry is not confined to the studio. Their forthcoming live performance at the esteemed Ohana Festival is poised to be a defining moment in their musical journey.

They also have a tour through the Midwest planned that will feature nine concerts in five cities. This run of shows will let fans witness the connection between Ament and Wicks as they take the stage together for the very first time.

Album Artwork

The stunning LP artwork for Catastrophic Metamorphic is the brainchild of Missoula, MT-based artist Edgar Smith, who skillfully crafted a visual representation of the album’s essence. Smith’s artistic prowess is not limited to this project alone, as he also designed the captivating promotional image below and the artwork for Pearl Jam’s single, “Save You.”

Smith is a master of his craft and has flawlessly captured the vibe of the album with his mesmerizing visuals. From the thought-provoking promo image to the captivating artwork for Pearl Jam’s “Save You” single, Smith’s collaboration with Deaf Charlie is a match made in artistic heaven.

Deaf Charlie’s debut album is poised to make its mark on the musical landscape. Catastrophic Metamorphic promises to captivate hearts and minds with its infectious melodies and thought-provoking themes.

Tracklist: Catastrophic Metamorphic

  1. Too Great
  2. Losing My Mind
  3. Ched Man
  4. Something Real
  5. Preamble
  6. We Are Doing It
  7. The Orange Flag
  8. Not The Same
  9. Sittin’ Round At Home
  10. Comeback Player of the Year
  11. Born to Win
  12. Watching the Sun

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